Monday, March 25, 2013

5 Top Body Fat Burners You Can't Buy

If you use body fat burners that actually work, and continue to consistently use them, you won't have to ever worry about too much body fat again!

Warning: It will take longer than you think but you're closer to your fat loss goals than you think. Make the long-term commitment.

You don't have to buy any fat burner supplements that either won't work or will only give you a short-term boost.

Here are 5 Top Fat Burners that will always work:

1. Make frequent changes to your workout program. Here are some examples:

---vary the workout intensity, repetitions and rest periods
---change the duration of your workouts
---change your exercise routine (try new exercises) every 1-2 weeks
---use different methods such as supersets, circuits and blasts
---use very little machine weight exercises and cardio machine routines (machines do too much work for you)

You don't have to workout for 2 hours to get huge fat loss results! Shorten your weight training workouts to 50 minutes or less and ramp up the intensity! Shorten your interval cardio workouts to 20 minutes. Research has proven that short bursts are very effective fat burners.

Do as many compound strength exercises (with weights or bodyweight) standing up as possible. These types of exercises work major muscle groups and many times are full-body strength exercises. Squats, deadlift, lunges, standing bentover rows, squat-to curl-to press and bench press are great examples. Full-body core exercises like planks and side planks work well also. Spend less time posing on "mirror exercises" like bicep curls, calf raises and tricep extensions.

2. Shorten and intensify your interval cardio workout! Too many long, slow cardio sessions wastes time and eats away at your muscle mass. Short, intense interval cardio sessions also burn more fat and calories during and after your workout!

Research has proven that short bursts are very effective fat burners. Interval cardio sessions of 20 minutes will burn plenty of fat. I recommend sprint and incline intervals on grass.

3. Make needed changes to your eating habits. Its possible to have layers of fat on top of your muscles. Eat whole, natural foods. And, track your calories in a journal until you have a good idea of how you need to eat to burn fat.

Don't ruin great workouts by eating bad food with a million calories!

It will be easier to eat right if you plan your meals for the week. And, instead of eating out during the day, pack your food. This will protect you from binge eating and haphazard eating (i.e. grazing).

4. Take your fat loss to a higher level with jump (plyometric) exercises and workouts.

If you're having trouble sculpting your butt, hips and thighs, try more plyometric training. Plyometric workouts are advanced workouts. You need to perfect jumping and landing techniques or you will injure yourself. And, if you have knee and low back problems, high-speed plyometric training is not for you.

Effective fat burners are jump rope, squat jumps, lunge jumps, depth jumps, jumping jacks, tuck jumps, side-to-side hops and front-to-back hops.

5. Get deep sleep each night to improve your growth hormone levels which will improve muscle-building and fat loss. According to nutritionist Rehan Jalali:

"90% of GH secretion occurs at night. The circadian rhythms help determine the regulation of hormone released in the body. GH levels need to be maximized during sleep to help rebuild muscle tissue and increase lean body mass. In resistance trained individuals, GH release was lower during the first half of sleep and higher in the second half, whereas it was opposite in non-training individuals."

"It’s very important to get deep sleep, according to one detailed study; because if you don’t, it could mean a major decline in GH output, which is bad news for muscle building. The same study showed that GH secretion was majorly associated with slow wave sleep and that when REM sleep declined, evening cortisol levels increased. Cortisol is a catabolic hormone that can break down muscle tissue."

Use these effective fat burners to lean out your body and keep the weight off!

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Mark Dilworth, BA, PES


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  2. A deep sleep also builds muscles because it causes the growth of hormones and they help in build muscle. Jumping is also a great technique to burn fat rapidly.

  3. Thanks for sharing this. Along with using some of the top fat burners, a consistent workout routine is important. Eating healthy is another key to success as well.


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