Healthy Snacks For Thanksgiving

Eating healthy snacks during the long Thanksgiving weekend is important! Why? Because you will enjoy your regular Thanksgiving meal(s). The snacks and side food items can really skyrocket your calorie count if you're not careful!

What you eat between main meals can make the difference in gaining excess pounds or maintaining your weight during the long 4 day fest!

First, a few common sense Thankgiving holiday eating rules:

1. Use no more than a pat of butter on whole wheat bread or rolls.

2. Use natural sweeteners like cinnamon instead of sugar.

3. Use condiments like mustard instead of ketchup or mayonnaise.

4. Drink only water or unsweetened drinks, like tea. Cranberry juice and pomegranite juice are not that healthy if they are loaded with sugar!

5. Limit alcohol consumption which has 7 calories per gram.

6. Sweet potatoes are very healthy (limit the butter and marshmallows). Try them roasted to seal in the flavor without adding fat! Sweet potatoes are full of fiber, vitamin A, potassium and one of the best snacks around. Plus, they satisfy my sweet tooth!

7. Turkey is a healthy source of protein. If you deep fry it or smother it in gravy, you will add alot of calories! Turkey also provides folic acid, vitamin B, zinc and potassium. I love white turkey sandwiches on wheat bread for weeks after Thanksgiving day!

Here are some healthy snacks to eat during Thankgiving holiday:

1. Popcorn is high-fiber and low calorie. Skip the butter and excess salt! I like to pop it on the stove in olive oil. On the run, I eat natural, microwaved brands.

2. Nuts. Peanuts, pistachios, pecans and almonds are all good. A handful of nuts goes a long way! They are high-calorie so be careful. Skip the excess salt! Nuts have heart-healthy fats, fiber and vitamins.

3. Fruit is always a healthy, filling snack. I've never heard of anyone getting fat from eating fruit! We all know the health benefits of eating fruit so enough said.

4. Green, leafy salads. Eat green salads on most days with very little dressing. You can't go wrong with green, leafy veggies for the health benefits!

5. Low-fat yogurt is a great snack! Yogurt smoothies are also great options (especially after a strength workout).

Happy, healthy eating during Thanksgiving week!

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About Mark

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