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5 Long-Term Weight Loss Tips

If you're not having long-term success with weight loss transformation, there are reasons. You need to identify the reasons or you will continue to go in circles. Some of you are so frustrated that you have stopped trying to transform your body to lean and toned.

If you are in this situation, get help from a personal trainer. Part of the first fitness consultation with a personal trainer will include you identifying why your fitness goals have failed in the past.

Another part of the consultation is for you to visualize and set realistic fitness goals you are willing to work towards.

In my experience with clients, these are my Top 5 Weight Loss Transformation Stoppers:

1. Fear of failure.

Many of you have tried over and over to lose fat and weight. When fear or deep frustration creeps in, it can paralyze you into doing little or nothing to reach your goals. Its hard to keep trying. Its easier to quit.

According to the Mayo Clinic, you should focus on the process rather than the outcome.

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Mark Dilworth is a Lifestyle and Weight Management Specialist and since 2006 he has owned Your Fitness University, Her Fitness Hut, My Fitness Hut, Sports Fitness Hut.

Mark has helped thousands of clients and readers make lifestyle changes that lead to better long-term health, which includes acceptable body fat and ideal body weight.He does not recommend fad diets, quick weight loss gimmicks, starvation diets, weight loss pills, fat burner supplements and the like.