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Metabolism and Weight Loss Management

Ever feel like you’re “eating perfectly” but still not losing weight? It’s possible. But it’s not what happens most often. Usually, there are one of two things going on: 1.  What you think is the “right amount”... isn’t. 2.  You're eating more than you think you are. Or, it could be both. What about  #1? Well, your individual body may be playing a role in your challenges. For example: ► Your basal metabolic rate—the energy you need just to fuel your organs and biological functions to stay alive—can vary by 15 percent. For the average person, that’s roughly 200-270 calories a day. ►  Sleep deprivation can cause a 5-20 percent change in metabolism (the equivalent of 200-500 calories a day). ► For women, the phase of their menstrual cycle can affect metabolism by another 150 calories a day or so. This is why all calorie calculations are just a starting point. You try to consistently eat a certain amount, and if after, say 2-3 weeks you’re not seeing changes, you can adjust. And, #2… L

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Hi, I'm Mark Dilworth, Nutritionist, Dietary Strategies Specialist, Nutrition for Metabolic Health Specialist and Lifestyle Weight Management Specialist. Since 2006, I have helped thousands of clients and readers make lifestyle habit changes which includes body transformation and ideal body weight.