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Why Weight Loss Transformation is Better Than Weight Loss

Being the biggest weight loss loser is not the winning solution for you.Losing huge amounts of weight can be gained back quickly if you don't build muscle mass and transform your body.

Health is more important than weight loss. Don't lose your health and self respect trying quick weight loss tactics that won't work long-term. Check out this video about a former Biggest Loser television show contestant who experienced major weight loss (and disappointment):

Build muscle, burn fat, speed up your metabolism and lose weight (and keep it off)!

Here are 5 tips to help you achieve your best health and lean body:

1. Make a commitment TODAY to a lifestyle of health and fitness. Without this commitment, you will eventually go back to short-term solutions like quick weight loss and fad diets.

Your motivation needs to be long-term fat loss with lasting weight loss. This takes time folks.

You do this by decreasing your body fat and increasing your muscle mass. If you use healthy, managed m…

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About Mark

About Mark

Mark Dilworth is a Lifestyle and Weight Management Specialist and since 2006 he has owned Your Fitness University, Her Fitness Hut, My Fitness Hut, Sports Fitness Hut.

Mark has helped thousands of clients and readers make lifestyle changes that lead to better long-term health, which includes acceptable body fat and ideal body weight.He does not recommend fad diets, quick weight loss gimmicks, starvation diets, weight loss pills, fat burner supplements and the like.

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