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Don't Sabotage Your Weight Loss, Own It

Sabotaging your weight loss goals can be brutally frustrating. Check out this podcast and skyrocket your weight loss success.


00:00 - 02:35 People and situations can sabotage your weight loss goals.

02:36 - 05:04 Want to lose 25 pounds and 3-5% body fat in 30 days?

05:05 - 06:00 Don't let the "gym atmosphere" intimidate you.

06:01 - 07:19 What you need to do.

07:20 - 09:14 Staying on track after failures.

09:15 - 10:55 Diets, Diets, Diets

10:56 - 12:00 What are you going to do?

12:05 - 13:05 TAKE ACTION TODAY! Start transforming your body for free with my Lean Body Weight Loss Jumpstart!

It happened again….you lost 20 pounds and regained 35 pounds. You feel frustrated and defeated with the whole weight loss process. The good news is that you can reach your goal, if you use the right process for weight loss. But, first, you need to know how your weight loss failures affect your mind and body. And, how to avoid them in the future.  If you want to maintain your wei…

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About Mark


Mark Dilworth is a Lifestyle and Weight Management Specialist and since 2006 he has owned Your Fitness University, Her Fitness Hut, My Fitness Hut, Sports Fitness Hut.

Mark has helped thousands of clients and readers make lifestyle changes that lead to better long-term health, which includes acceptable body fat and ideal body weight.He does not recommend fad diets, quick weight loss gimmicks, starvation diets, weight loss pills, fat burner supplements and the like.