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10 SIMPLE Drinks that Improve Weight Loss

The successful weight loss secret isn’t just watching what you eat daily. It is also about watching what you drink daily. Popular energy drinks, soft drinks and fruit juices can be loaded with carbohydrates and added sugars which can ruthlessly destroy your plan to lose weight.

Yeah, particularly when talking about increasing your metabolism and helping fat loss, what’s in your glass is as significant as what’s on your plate.So, here are some pretty perfect weight loss drinks to improve your quality of life and achieve the ideal body.

1.  Honey and Lemon drink

Honey and Lemon drinkAs a matter of fact, fitness freaks really swear by it. And on this one, nutritionists are also willing to back them strongly. Honey is a catalyst of the process which can speed up lime acts and the metabolism of the body. It assists with burning fatty deposits inside the body. Easy, you just need to squeeze a fresh lemon and add a tablespoon of honey into a cup of lukewarm water, stir it well and you’ve got the drink ready.
Warm water is very important in this, because it helps in getting the greatest antioxidants from both of these ingredients in your beverage. Enjoy it when your stomach is empty each morning or after meals.

2.  Water

WaterIt’s the drink that fitness instructors, nutritionists, dietitians and even your grandmother would advise you for losing fat. The water will help cut down your appetite effectively and keep you feel full longer. So the nutritionists advise a dieter to drink at least 8 glasses of water every day. Reports have discovered that drinking water before meals usually causes many people to eat less food at meals.
Additionally, new research recommends that drinking enough water will positively affect your metabolism. It has been estimated that increasing your intake of water through 2 glasses per day will bring a 35% increase in rate of metabolism that increases the number of calories burnt by you in turn.

3.  Protein shakes

Protein shakesThe drawbacks to these is the fact that the protein will turn to excess fat if you don’t take any fruitful exercising. Unless you’ve got kidney problems that can be damaged by excessive protein, do not forget to have a protein shake instantly after exercising.
They will help in growing muscle and increasing metabolic rate because the leaner muscle needs more energy. Protein shakes have proven to also be critical for dampening down your hunger cravings. They can occasionally become perfect small meal replacements, however do not forget to have a full main meal and a full morning meal too.

4.  Vegetable juice

Vegetable juiceIf you realize its benefits of various health and know what’s the correct way to turn it, it’s not as bland as it sounds. As a power packed drink used for weight loss aiming, vegetable juice is full of anybody’s essential nutrients including minerals and vitamins.
To make a nutritious juice, you need to blend some vegetables of your favorite together, for example, spinach, lettuce, cauliflower, tomato, cabbage and carrot. Then add some salt and honey to it for the flavor. To slow down the calorie intake from your meal, you can enjoy the juice before meals.

5.  Black coffee

Black coffeeBy offering an improvement of caffeine that can inhibits hunger, an afternoon iced joe or a morning glass of Java will help in promoting your fat loss. Additionally, research suggests that black coffee can stimulate thermogenesis which boosts metabolism and heats up your body. Just they must be very little sugar and skimmed milk that you add to your coffee.

6.  Green smoothie

Green smoothieGreen smoothie is really ideal weight loss drinks filled with low fat and fiber. It’s quite simple to make a green smoothie. You just need to put some ice, boiled water and fresh veggies into blender, and mix it together. All leafy vegetables(such as kale, lettuce and spinach), raspberries, cucumber, celery, blueberries, carrots, bananas and apples with skin are all the greatest materials that can be added into the green smoothies.
Keeping your combinations simple is really important because the simple ones of 4 or less materials are easier for your stomach to digest. Because that you gulp it down with no chewing can cause much sugar to get into the blood and make weight-loss more harder, so no matter how strange it feels, you must chew your smoothie initially for the best advantage to get in shape.

7.  Fat Free Milk

Fat Free MilkBecause fat free milk is rich in calcium, so it will play a big role when you drink it for shedding weight naturally. In breaking fat cells, research suggests that the calcium is able to play a major function. But it does not always mean that you are required to quaff down seven to eight cups of milk daily.
To really efficiently control body weight, that you drink moderate quantities of fat free milk daily is enough. However, make sure that your milk is not rich in fat definitely. People who drink milk with regular volumes are about 32% to 72% less body fat compared to those people that never drink milk although exact figures are not available.

8.  Coconut water

Coconut waterDuring the hot summer season, as far as we are concerned the favorite drink of most people is coconut water. Nowadays we have found an extra benefit to add it to your diet plan. Coconut water can effortlessly helps in keeping you replenished with water to give you the satiated feeling for a long time, which in turn decreases your cravings of sugar and food.
Moreover it keeps your metabolism accelerated and offers you greater levels of energy. Coconut water has been found that it is full of anti-ageing attributes and also gets rid of harmful toxins from your body system.

9.  Green tea

Green teaGreen tea can help with weight reduction as a real one of the greatest teas. It has catechins that can helps to control blood glucose levels to prevent hunger the whole day, but it’s also filled with antioxidants to encourages effective cells wellness. Your body is also inhibited  from saving extra fat if you use it for the longer term.
New research reports have found that drinking the only three glasses of green tea daily long-term will help you in burning about 35% more excess fat each day.

10.  Apple cider vinegar drinks

Apple cider vinegar drinksApple cider vinegar drinks is another excellent weight loss drinks which can enhance your slimming system and increase your metabolic rate. It helps in digesting food better, works well for curbing food cravings and stabilizes blood glucose levels, therefore what’s there not to like? We guess it’s just the taste. So you need to put some honey and lemon in a cup of water to create a healthier beverage.
We recommend that you never depend on only one thing when you’re considering weight-loss. To ensure that you stay healthy and get a lean body, Having a completely healthy way of life and an appropriate exercise program is of great importance.

Mark Dilworth, BA, PES

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

24 Hour Fat Burning Secrets Keeps Weight Loss Off

If I meet 10 people in a day, at least 9 of them wants to lose weight. And, whether YOU say it or not, you want to keep the weight off for good. Ah, the problem many times….keeping the weight loss off.

Anyone can burn fat and lose weight for good……I have found these 11 fat burning secrets most common (thru research and personal/client experience) with those who maintain a lean body and reach/maintain ideal body weight…..

Fat Burning Secret #1: Start with the End in Mind. You need to know what you want your body to look like and what your ideal body weight will be. Although you will have many short-term goals to accomplish, it helps to know what you ultimately want. Dream Big! Small goals usually mean even smaller results.

The other areas of your life may need to be “shaped up” also. If you are messed up financially, socially, spiritually and emotionally, it will be hard to stick with a fitness and nutrition program. Every area of your life works together to make you totally successful. That’s why I work with professionals in other health-related fields to provide references to my clients. For instance, if you have serious depression issues or eating disorders, you will need help from experts in those

Fat Burning Secret #2: Don’t make weight loss your primary objective. Fat loss and body transformation is your ticket to your dream body. You can't transform your body without significant fat loss. Fat loss will make your body more healthy and beautiful (lean).

Fat loss will also lead to lasting weight loss. In other words, a body composition change (less fat, more lean muscle mass) is the key to permanent weight loss.

Increase your muscle mass with regular strength training to burn fat and permanently speed up your metabolism. Your body has to work harder to maintain muscle mass. You will become leaner because muscle takes up less space than fat.

You can't rush the process of building a lean body. Make a habit of checking your body fat percentage on a weekly basis. If your body is shrinking (lost fat and inches), you are on the way to building your lean body.

Be wary of any program that conditions your weight loss success on their product and/or asks you to go to extremes. Even if you follow the extremes and are successful for a short time, you can not maintain such programs, and you regain the weight.

Some examples:

  • Quick weight loss pills
  • 500-calorie a day severe restriction diets
  • Diets omitting a macronutrient, such as chronic no-carb diets
  • Spot reduction products, such as belly fat burning gadgets
  • Programs that conditions that you eat their prepared foods

Instead, build your health and body on a foundation that will last over your lifetime.

The Fat Burning Kitchen program, will make sure you eat the dozens of foods that help you burn fat, and show you surprising "health foods" that make you fat.

Don’t become a DESPERATE WEIGHT LOSS DIETER (DWLD)! Signs of a DWLD include:

  • taking desperate measures to lose weight as fast as possible
  • wasting money on weight loss products that either do not work or will only give you a minor temporary boost
  • a typical desperate dieter tries a new plan four times a year
  • you are starving or hungry most of the time as a result of the diet
  • you have low energy, are irritable or sick
  • you are trying to burn fat and lose weight without exercising
  • you have slowed metabolism, weaker immune system, hormonal imbalances, decreased energy, disrupted sleep patterns and decreased muscle mass as a result of chronic starvation diets
  • you start hating to eat which is not normal

Don’t let losing weight take over your life!

Fat Burning Secret #3: Why do you want to lose weight? There could be many reasons
but usually there is a primary reason.

Some could include:

  • you got a bad health checkup from your doctor
  • you’re trying to fit into your “skinny clothes”
  • you don’t like the way you look naked in the mirror
  • getting in shape for a fitness competition
  • trying to be a role model for your kids
  • trying to reach your high school weight

Whatever “floats your boat” and gets you going will work. The main thing is to stay consistent over time with your workouts and eating plan.

Fat Burning Secret #4: Get the right fitness program for you. That’s why a trainer is a good place to start, especially for newbies. A trainer will do your fitness and nutrition assessment during the first consultation. For instance, excess belly fat has been shown to be a precursor to diseases such as diabetes and cancer.

You will also need to improve your posture, strength, flexibility, body composition, balance and endurance among other things. All of these figure importantly in any fat loss and weight loss program. You need to focus on total health and not just weight loss.

Your health numbers are also important and should be identified for improvement right away. You may need a doctor’s clearance before you can begin an exercise program. Some important health numbers are: blood pressure, cholesterol levels and blood fat levels.

Fat Burning Secret #5: Get Started Already! Imperfect action is better than no action. The toughest thing to do is to just get started. If you’re waiting for conditions to be perfect, you will never start.

If nothing else, start walking 30 minutes a day at a moderate pace to get your MOJO GOING…..I also recommend that you walk 30 minutes every day, whether you workout or not. An active lifestyle is very important for your overall health and it helps keep your metabolism active.

Fat Burning Secret #6: Learn to prepare and plan your meals at least 90% of the time. This will help you stick to your meal plan. Record what you eat until you know how to eat by portion size. If you eat 42 meals in a 7-day week, you could have 4 cheat meals (90% compliance) and still be successful with fat loss and weight loss. Perfection is definitely not possible or needed.

Fat Burning Secret #7 Learn what works for you regarding exercise and scheduling. I don’t understand how someone works out at 4 a.m. and they don’t understand how I work out at 11 p.m. It doesn’t matter either way….just get your workouts in.

Muscle mass is your top fat-burning tool. Plan on working out at least 5 days a week, (3 days strength training and 2 days interval cardio training).

Fat Burning Secret #8:  Make adjustments, always make adjustments. Weekly body fat measurements are critical to see if your body is shrinking. You may need to adjust your eating plan, exercise plan or both. And, if you don’t always lose weight during a week, don’t sweat it. If your body fat percentage is decreasing (if even by .5%), you are succeeding.

Other indicators that your body is changing and your health improving:

  • your clothes are fitting looser
  • your blood pressure and resting heart rate is decreasing
  • your fat blood levels are decreasing
  • your bad cholesterol levels are decreasing and good levels are increasing
  • you are sleeping and resting better
  • you have more energy and are less stressed out about life’s events

Fat Burning Secret #9: Reward yourself for accomplishments. Some example are:

  • Buy a new blender for your smoothies
  • Take a day off from work and treat yourself, rest/relax, etc.
  • Have a date night with your significant other
  • Get a full body massage
  • Take in a movie or concert
  • Eat your favorite meal and dessert
  • Get a great haircut, manicure/pedicure, etc.
  • Do no housework for a day

For some people, losing weight and transforming their bodies is one of the biggest challenges of their lives. Taking the edge off and enjoying life is very important during this process. Afterall, health, life and vitality are most important.

Fat Burning Secret #10:  Surround yourself with positive workout buddies and people who will encourage what you are trying to accomplish.  Having social support is critical for long-term weight loss success. Research has long supported this fact. Long-term success includes fat loss and body
transformation which will insure that your weight loss stays off. Maintaining weight loss is much tougher than just losing 20 pounds in a month or two.

Here are 4 forms of good social support:

a. Getting support from a spouse, friend, workout buddy or personal trainer has been proven to work again and again. Use them.

b. Fitness bootcamps remain popular as a form of group exercise. My question to anyone thinking about participating in a bootcamp is this: What are your fitness goals? Your answer will tell me whether a bootcamp will have long-term benefit for you. What's your plan to continue exercising and eating right after the bootcamp?

If your bootcamp experience isn't part of a permanent commitment to a fit and healthy lifestyle, then you are not going to get the permanent fitness results you want, a lean and toned body. Permanent fitness results take longer than any 1 or 2 week bootcamp. The bootcamp will just be a quick fix for you. That sounds harsh but I see the quick fix scenario too much out there.

c. Online social networks are also an option and enable you to seek help for your particular weight gain situation.

d. Social weight loss contests can also succeed for 2 reasons:

Accountability - A little healthy weight loss contest never hurts a long-term fat loss cause.

Its important to keep in mind that you are trying to change your lifestyle to one of health and fitness. The weight loss contest is just one tool to help you get it done. Stay committed through the ups, downs, successes and failures.

Support - Its a long, never-ending road to burning fat, losing weight, changing your body and maintaining weight. Support from someone going through the same thing is very important.

Also, inform family members and friends early on what your body-changing intentions are. The more support, the better. On the opposite end, avoid people who will have a negative attitude about your weight loss intentions. There are many would-be haters out there to help you fail.

Fat Burning Secret #11:  Realize that you will need dietary supplements (I did not say weight loss supplements). No one eats perfectly all the time. For instance, I take krill oil, multivitamins, vitamin B-12, vitamin D3, and CoQ10.  Protein powders are also great but I choose to get my protein from the food I eat (most of the time).

Talk with your doctor about which dietary supplements you need.

I am privileged to be a Prograde Nutrition Partner. Prograde simply has the best fitness and nutrition supplements on the planet! Click the link below to see their cutting edge research, technology, how they make their products and buy the dietary supplements you will need. Visit ProGrade now!

Start building your dream body….Get out there and start living, exercising and having fun!

The Fat Burning Kitchen program, will make sure you eat the dozens of foods that help you burn fat, and show you surprising "health foods" that make you fat.

Mark Dilworth, BA, PES
Mark Rocks Athletic Greens Superfood

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