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Why Hunger and Calorie Restriction Encourages Binge-Eating

Too much severe calorie restriction, hunger and starvation could bring on binge-eating. And, binge-eating can become a full blown disorder if you're not careful.

The Mayo Clinic defines binge-eating disorder as follows:

"Binge-eating disorder is a serious eating disorder in which you frequently consume unusually large amounts of food. Almost everyone overeats on occasion, such as having seconds or thirds of a holiday meal. But for some people, overeating crosses the line to binge-eating disorder and it becomes a regular occurrence, shrouded in secrecy.

When you have binge-eating disorder, you may be deeply embarrassed about gorging and vow to stop. But you feel such a compulsion that you can't resist the urges and continue binge eating.

Although binge-eating disorder is the most common of all eating disorders, it's still not considered a distinct psychiatric condition. But if you have binge-eating disorder symptoms, treatment can help you."

Control your hunger during the day so you don't binge (overeat) when you do eat. Do this by eating small meals every 3-4 hours to keep your energy and metabolism active.

Another way to control your hunger pangs is to eat a protein source with every meal. Research has proven that protein keeps blood sugar levels more steady and helps you feel fuller for a longer period (slower digestion). Protein also keeps the hunger hormone (ghrelin) in check so your hunger doesn't spike so high.

The addition of foods that contain protein will generally reduce the glycemic index of the meal, if that's your concern.

Good sources of protein are: 
  • lean meats (like baked, grilled or broiled chicken, turkey and grass-fed beef), 
  • cold-water, wild fish like salmon, 
  • raw nuts and seeds, 
  • low-fat diary, 
  • legumes and 
  • veggies
If you feel fuller for longer periods, you will eat less and you won't binge-eat if your hunger pangs are "not out the roof" when you do eat.

Food is meant to be enjoyed....eat the right foods and you won't want to starve yourself.

For instance, if your basal metabolic rate is 1,800 calories a day, 900 calories of food intake is not enough food for your body to function properly.

Doing this for too long will turn your metabolism and health into a total wreck. The most important thing in your life IS NOT to lose weight. Having a healthy body at a healthy weight and acceptable body fat percentage is important.

Quick weight loss motivation focuses on pounds lost instead of body fat burned and inches lost.

Quick weight loss many times uses severe calorie restriction dieting which leads to low energy, slowed metabolism, a weaker immune system, hormonal imbalances, loss of lean mass, increased body fat, decreased energy levels, disrupted sleep patterns, short-term results and yo-yo dieting.

You don't want to live like that, right? Eat right and exercise regularly to get the quality of life and lean body you deserve.

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Mark Dilworth, BA, PES

Friday, September 26, 2014

7-Day Carb Depletion Diet after Weekend Binge

WARNING: What you're about to read is purely a short-term, science-based low-carb approach that works - big time! At the end of the article you'll learn about a long-term solution to prevent the weight from coming back!

I'm the first to admit that what you're about to learn is not easy but you'll literally feel your lower ab fat disappear in as little as 7-days. Read each and every word if you're up for the challenge but PLEASE do not abuse this strategy...

As a fitness professional, I’d say that well over 90% of the questions I always get from most people is, “How to get rid of this stubborn lower abdomen fat”...or the lower “pooch belly” syndrome.

But unfortunately, almost all conventional “diet” plans that claim to accomplish this goal use foods that “turn off” our fat-burning genes, which forces your body to burn sugars and carbs, INSTEAD of fat.

Not only that – people who try these trendy low carb diets and claim rapid weight loss don’t have ANY knowledge of whether they’re losing water and muscle, or burning fat.

Here’s a powerful example. For EVERY gram of active carbohydrates you consume on a daily basis, your body will hold nearly 3 grams of water.

Read that last sentence once again quickly so it “sinks” in.

So if you just cut carbs, the scale might trick you into thinking that you’re losing a bunch of weight -- and you are. BUT – it’s water weight, NOT fat. Sorry. You’re just dropping a bunch of water.

Now you can see how and why almost every person who tries to deplete carbs ends up messing up their metabolism and forcing rebound weight gain.

But what if you could make most of that water loss mean fat loss instead?

Well, you CAN.

You just have to make sure that you deplete carbs with the RIGHT foods, at the RIGHT times, for the RIGHT durations.

And that’s where the 4 Cycle Fat-Loss provides the perfect solution.

I have created a carb cycling system that breaks down the “science” of burning lower abdomen and belly fat into a simple one week nutrition technique called, The 7 Day Carb Depletion Diet.

Here are 3 methods to deplete carbs and create a short term MASSIVE calorie deficit and achieve extreme fat loss WITHOUT damaging your metabolism or suppressing the hormones that burn fat.

1. Try to consume zero starches or fruits for 3 or 4 days in a row during the week.

This will help accelerate glycogen depletion and get your metabolism ready for the weekend fun. This should equate to a total of 25 to 50 impact carbs for the day. Consume protein in every meal to help increase satiety and keep your body in an anabolic high-energy, fat-burning environment.

You’ll program your body to burn a ton more belly fat by using this approach just a few days of the week.

2. Increase your fats and double your servings of green cruciferous veggies on deplete days.

When you lower carbs, you’ll automatically need energy from other sources. Friendly fats and cruciferous veggies should be your go to macronutrients to help provide this needed energy.

Some good examples to use are extra fish or krill oil, olive oil, coconut oil, grass fed butter and small amounts of raw nuts for fats -- spinach, kale, broccoli, cauliflower, asparagus and cabbage are great choices for extra veggies.

This will help provide all the fiber, vitamins, and minerals necessary to maximize fat-loss during the carb depletion. It will also help you with appetite control.

Additionally, the veggies I listed above contain unique compounds that help control bad estrogen inside the body, which will indirectly lead to more fat loss.

3. Double your daily water intake on deplete days and the day after a food binge.

I know this technique isn’t appealing or “sexy”, but it works.

And most folks simply underestimate how effective proper hydration can be for UNDOING the damage of over-eating, getting rid of post weekend carb bloat and facilitating other metabolic processes that burn fat.

Remember, if you cheated this past weekend, you’ll be holding almost an extra 3 grams of water for every gram of carb you consumed. So if you had a few slices of pizza, some bread and a bowl of ice cream we’re talking an extra 700 to 1000 grams of water sitting under your belly skin.

So here are a few fast fluid facts to help you understand how water can help you look and feel leaner.

First, the more water you “give” your body, the less it will hold onto. So if you feel like you’re holding water or bloated - drink MORE water.

It will help you look and feel leaner.

A good rule of thumb is to consume 60 - 70% of your total body weight in ounces of water on your carb deplete days. So if you weigh 150 pounds then you should be shooting for 100 to 120 ounces of water minimum.

Now you can clearly see why a short-term, science based low carb approach can work – big time. But make sure you don’t abuse the carb deplete day strategies above or they’ll backfire - just like exercise and cheating more is NOT better.

By Shaun Hasdall, CPT       4 Cycle Fat Loss

Mark Dilworth, BA, PES     My Fitness Hut

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