Your Metabolism and Fat Loss, 5

Now that you know your basal metabolic rate (right?) and you've read through parts 1 through 4 in this article series, you are now ready to learn how to really ramp up your metabolism.

There are two weight training workouts that will kick your metabolism into high gear (high intensity interval cardio will do the same).

These two workouts are advanced and you are at risk of injury if your core and joints are not stable and strong. The two workouts are:

1) Full body explosive circuit weight training (i.e., full speed reps)

2) Full body explosive athletic circuit weight training. It is different than the workout in item 1 in that it has some exercises that are more difficult (athletic) to execute.

These workouts are available as downloads for your iPOD (click on workout above)!

Both of these workouts will also activate your fast-twitch muscle fibers which are important for giving definition to your body shape and increasing your power. These types of workouts should not be done more than 3 times a week. Interval cardio could be done for the other 2-3 days.

It is important to listen to your body when doing these types of workouts. Your body could easily breakdown with injuries (high risk and high reward). Don't be afraid to do "regular" weight training for a week or so if needed.

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