Top 25 Exercise Tips To Get Jumpstarted

Here are my Top 25 Exercise Tips to jumpstart your exercise and get you out of your rut. The hardest thing to do when you're in a rut is to get started again....

So, here are my Top 25 Exercise Tips to get you jumpstarted already!

1. Clear your mind.....this will be fun and not some dreaded activity! Get your doctor's clearance if you've been inactive for a while.

2. Set realistic goals such as restarting your active lifestyle, burning body fat (losing inches) or losing 1-2 pounds a week.

3. Start today with a 20-minute walk. Do this walk every day, somewhere, at some point (the mall, at work or the park works). You can break it up into two 10-minute walks if you want.

4. Start today with your great meal plan full of nutritious, whole foods that you like!

5. Start today with your food journal and get your friend to be an accountability partner.

6. On Day 2, start a 20-minute cardio routine or sport that you like such as biking, jogging, tennis, soccer, swimming, rock climbing, basketball, flag football, etc. Do this fun cardio 3 days a week.

7. On Day 3, begin doing a 20-minute bodyweight strength exercise workout. You need to build lean muscle in order to burn fat and speed up your metabolism. Do your bodyweight exercise routine 3 days a week.

8. Reward yourself each week with something like full body massage therapy or a special meal. Also, measure your progress each week.

9. Schedule a fun activity each week such as a hike, bowling, water polo or a walk at the lake. If you do something like this more than once a week, that's even better. The purpose is to stay active with enjoyable activities.

10. Jump rope games (remember!) for exercise.

11. Pull out the old "cheerleader uniform" and do some "active cheers" for 20 minutes!

12. Do salsa dancing, belly dancing or whatever dancing you like! And, music makes exercise more fun!

13. Go rollerskating (remember the skate rink?), skateboarding, rip-boarding, water skiing, wakeboarding, etc.

14. Play a round of golf with your buddies once a week.

15. Organize a weekly neighborhood volleyball or kickball game. Everybody likes volleyball/kickball and its easy and fun!

16. Try a charity walk or run.

17. Yardwork or gardening are great exercise options. Plus, you're getting something else done while exercising.

18. Try a group exercise class like kickboxing for fun and support.

19. Buy an exercise video that you like and get moving again!

20. Start exercising or playing active games as a family.....a great way to have fun and stay fit together.

21. Buy a stability ball and do exercises while watching your favorite T.V. program.

22. Do full-body exercises with a medicine ball. Medicine ball exercises are naturally fun and demanding at the same time.

23. Play frisbee for 30 minutes with a'll be surprised how much you run, jump and throw.

24. Hacky sack anyone! It'll help your balance and coordination too! Try it (again) for 30 minutes with a group of friends.

25. Hopscotch! Of course! You gotta do this!

What's the point? Get active and stay active with things you like to do! Get jumpstarted already!

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