Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Two-A-Day Workouts Burn More Fat, Like Football Training Camp

Two-a-day workouts (like football training camp) will help you burn more fat, lose more weight and break through your fat loss plateau!

Research proves that two 20-minute workouts will burn more fat and calories than one 40 minute workout. Doing a second workout during the day (even a short one) keeps growth hormone levels high throughout the day. This will give you even more body fat burning.

As a former college football player, I dreaded the repeated two-a-day practices for the first 2 weeks of training camp! Let me tell you, it was tough! But guess what? I was in the best physical shape of my life and I could sprint forever!

To this day, I still routinely break up my workouts into 2 sessions and sometimes 3 sessions. The sessions are usually about 20 minutes each and very intense---whether it be circuit weight training or interval cardio. It works every time to burn massive amounts of calories and to keep my metabolism "ramped up."

Why don't you try two-a-day workouts for a few days? You will see a significant reduction in your weight loss and fat loss provided that you follow your meal plan!

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