Maintain Muscle Or Body Fat Returns

Build and maintain your muscles, use it or lose it or however you want to say it. Your muscles will shrink (atrophy) if you don't continue to do strength training (muscle does not ever change into fat).

And, the body fat will come back with a vengeance! Fat cells will shrink but they will fill up again when you are inactive for a long period of time.

If you are not exercising, you could be hit with a double dose of likely bad news. First, you will probably gain weight (interpreted fat). Also, your metabolism begins to slow down in your thirties.

Your metabolism will slow down even more because you are also losing muscle mass. Muscle mass speeds up your metabolism because your body has to work harder to maintain it.

In your early thirties, you can begin to lose as much as one-half pound of muscle each year. Inactivity will make this problem even worse. So, you begin to lose muscle mass and gain body fat

Fortunately, muscle mass can be maintained/increased (and body fat decreased) throughout your life with regular weight training (includes bodyweight exercises). Weight training also helps to keep your bones strong (preventing osteoporosis).

Eat enough to build muscle and burn fat. You do this by following your meal plan based on your basal metabolic rate and level of daily activity.

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  1. Good post on maintaining muscle! I lost my weight between ages 33 and 34, still losing now too. I think it would have been much easier in my 20's. But you can do it at any age.

  2. Congrats former bigguy! Yes, it is easier to do everything when you're younger and easier to maintain it going forward.


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