"Pants On The Ground" Because Of Weight Loss

Yes, I want your pants to fall to the ground because you have achieved weight loss, fat loss and lost inches!

Of course, the "pants on the ground" phrase is a take on the newest rage on American Idol...I don't really watch American Idol (really!) but that video has been on television about every other commercial on FOX TV. And the "pants on the ground" video was a big hit on YouTube the day it was released (over 1 million views already).

So, how do you get your "pants on the ground with weight loss?" Here you go:

1. Get a healthy meal plan and start following it...most of your fat loss and weight loss success will be due to you eating right. One good way to start breaking bad habits is to make progress with small changes. An example would be to severely limit sugars from your diet. This one change will help you burn belly fat!

2. Get your body movin' again! All movement burns calories. If you have been inactive, start walking every day for 30 minutes and work your way up to exercising regularly (weight training, cardio) for at least 30 minutes a day.

3. Don't let setbacks keep you from continuing with your exercise program. Remember, it is your healthy lifestyle that you want to continue, not a weight loss program.

4. Get help from a professional fitness trainer if needed. A workout partner also would help you stay on track.

5. Take steps today! Procrastination is the biggest hindrance to starting something new and challenging (especially if you have failed in the past).

Start working on "getting your pants on the ground!"

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