10 On-The-Go Exercise Tips for Saturday

If Saturday is a busy crazy day for you, get your exercise on-the-go. There are many ways to exercise besides going to the gym or waiting until your "workout time." On a busy Saturday, if you wait until "workout time," you probably won't exercise at all."

So, here are 10 "on-the-go exercise tips" for you on a busy Saturday:

1. If your kid has a team practice, don't just watch. Take a walk or jog.

2. Join a league soccer or basketball team. You will usually have a game or practice on Saturday.

3. Do your yardwork or household chores.

4. If you take your kids to the mall, walk around the mall while they spend your money.

5. Remember to pack and plan your meals instead of eating fast food on-the-go.

6. Participate in that dance class, spin class or swim class on Saturday morning. This is a good way to get your Saturday started.

7. Walk the dog in the morning and evening.

8. If you watch television during the day, do a bodyweight workout during your favorite show.

9. Finish that paint job or fence job at your house.

10. If all else fails, do your regularly scheduled workout!

Just exercise on a busy Saturday any way you can. If you have some tips, let us know.

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Mark Dilworth, BA, PES


  1. Great Job. Thanks for sharing these wonderful tips.



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