How To Maintain Your Weight This Weekend

Maintaining your weight over the weekend can be tough--especially with spring break beginning. With a little planning, you can maintain your weight and still have loads of fun.

The first thing you must plan: where and what you will eat. Try to follow your regular meal plan. The biggest weight gaining trap during weekends is haphazard eating and drinking.

Planning will help you control your calorie intake. Packing your food always helps you eat healthy and saves money.

If you are going to eat at restaurants, look at menus online before you go. If you don't have any idea of what you are going to eat, you will tend to stop at the first food chain that triggers your taste buds.

Second, don't skip your workouts. A great workout is always your safety net. You can always burn more calories if needed. And, don't ever skip both your Friday and Monday workouts!

Why? Because you will be tempted to blow off the whole weekend and not workout at all. Sometimes, this turns into weeks, months and years of missed workouts!

Here are some good replacements for your weekend workouts (if needed):

1. Playing on a rec sports team. Having fun while you burn calories always works. And, its a change up from your regular cardio workout.

2. Mowing the lawn and trimming the tree hedges. These are serious calorie burners.

3. If you use Saturday or Sunday as your day off from workouts, do two 30-minute walks (one in the morning and one in the evening).

4. Try a group exercise class at your gym. A spin or Zumba class burns tons of calories.

5. Go running at the lake. A change of scenary is always good.

6. You come up with calorie-burning activities that you like.

Have a great weekend and spring break!

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