3 Steps to a Strong Body with High Body Fat

Are you "strong as an ox " with high body fat? I see many men who can bench press the building but they have dangerous levels of belly fat. How does that happen?

A very strong guy at the gym asked me one day, "how do I burn off this belly fat, low back fat and get ripped?"

My quick answer to him (I was working out) was to cut out sodas, donuts, candy, sugars, etc. and to drink only water and unsweetened drinks for starters.....and to base his calorie intake on his basal metabolic rate, daily activity and goals.....I didn't go too much into his workouts because I wanted to watch him.

After a few observations and some more questions (about 2 weeks time), I knew what 3 Steps he took to get a Strong Body with High Body Fat:

1. What I saw was: walking on a treadmill at a "snail's pace" for 30 minutes one day a week. That's better than not walking but he wasn't burning many calories or fat with that routine.

2. He worked out hard with the weights and usually lifted heavy. Traditional exercises like the bench press, squats, shoulder press, rows and leg press were included in the routine. He worked out with very low intensity and he frequently talked to friends for 5-10 minutes between some sets.

3. Even though he worked out 4-5 days a week (usually strength training), he ate more calories than he burned on a regular basis. A caloric surplus will cause you to gain weight. So, he kinda looked like a strong dough boy!

The answers to his problem?

--Eat right, meaning healthier foods with quality calories

--Speed up the cardio with 20-minute interval sessions (2-3 times a week)

--Do full-body circuit strength training, whether lifting heavy or light (including bodyweight exercises). He also needs to add core exercise to his workouts. And, he should save the socializing for after his workout!

How about you? What are your workouts like? Don't expect great fat loss and weight loss results if your workouts are always low intensity. You may also need to change your eating habits.

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