Fun Cardio that Burns Fat

I would rather not do cardio exercise but since it is beneficial for fat burn and heart health, I do it. And, I only do exercises that I like.

Why do something that you hate? So, make your cardio as fun as you can and keep it short and intense.

Here is an example of someone making cardio fun:

I saw a woman having fun doing her cardio and she was burning major calories and fat.

This woman was lifting weights and dancing around like crazy between sets. Of course, I asked her what she was doing (hoping not to get slapped!)...she just smiled and said, "I'm doing my cardio exercise between weight training sets." I call these cardio blasts. This is one of the best ways to burn fat.

Trust me, the pace of her dancing was fast with full body action! It was everything you want your fat-burning cardio exercise to be. She was creative with her exercise.

So, you see, you don't need a treadmill or elliptical machine to do cardio exercise! All you need is 20 minutes and an activity that you enjoy doing. Use your imagination---just like that lady I saw at the club.

Here's another example of fun cardio:

Change up your cardio exercise with a run, jump and step routine....some of you don't get significant results with fat loss because you do the same thing most of the time.

Running, jumping and stepping are some of the best ways to tone and shape your body.

You don't need any machines---just get your body ready for some very intense exercise. If you have knee or low back problems, this type of workout is not for you....

Here goes (do this circuit twice):

--Run, 30 seconds full speed
--Walk, 1 minute
--Squat Jumps, 10, fast
--Walk, 1 minute
--Step Ups (knee high platform), 10 each leg
--Walk, 1 minute
--Run, 30 seconds full speed
--Walk, 1 minute
--Jumping Jacks, 1 minute, fast
--Walk 1 minute
--Mountain climbers, 30 seconds, fast
--Walk, 1 minute
--Run, 30 seconds full speed
--Walk 1 minute
--Jump Rope, 1 minute
--Walk 1 minute
--Walking Lunges, 10 steps each leg

You won't get bored with this run, jump and step cardio routine....and you will burn calories and fat like crazy!

If these exercises are not fun to you, replace them with exercises you enjoy. Cardio can be fun and fat-burning at the same time!

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