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Why should you join The Self Health Revolution? Here are 3 great reasons:

1) "J. Michael Zenn has written a wonderful book on health...What we need to do is to whole heartedly embrace the principles of The Self-Health Revolution. I enthusiastically recommend this book!" --John Mackey, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Whole Foods Market

2) "What a masterful and inspired job of bringing together a mountain of lifesaving information into one blazing page turner. If ever there was a single book anyone interested in his or her health and well-being should read without fail, this is it! Read this book now, put it into practice, and share it with the people you love. You will be glad for the rest of your long and healthy life." --Harvey Diamond, Best-selling health writer of all time: Author of Fit for Life, one of the top 25 best-selling books in history.

3) "...if these claims prove to be true, then they have astronomical implications on your health and the health of everyone that you care about." --J. Michael Zenn, Author of The Self Health Revolution

Personal trainers have long known that you must do more than exercise to be healthy. I have a signed copy of the book and I am already using it to help myself and my clients.

You know that I have always stressed health before weight loss and beauty. It does you no good to look great if your body is a total wreck and unhealthy! In the book, it states it this way: "You may look good but not be well...."

So, I will never endorse quick weight loss gimmicks, fat burner supplements and weight loss pills. These are popular short-term fixes that don't solve the obesity and health crisis in our population.

Books like The Self Health Revolution, are part of the solution to the health problems. Here are some of the golden nuggets you will get when you read this book:

1) Learn how to take responsibility for your health. This is not as simple as it might appear. Afterall, our population's health continues to worsen.

Ultimately, you are responsible for YOUR HEALTH. This book does a great job of exposing the myths and lies out there about health, weight loss, medicine, food, etc. You still have to take action to take care of you!

2) Mr. Zenn tells his own story of how he took responsibility for improving his health. I won't say more, read it for yourself.

3) We need a health revolution. Our population continues to get fatter and sicker.

Here is a quote from the book: "It is mind numbing to think that our generation is the first generation in American history to be sicker than the previous one. According to the January 2010 Journal of Pediatric Nursing, this generation of children that may be the first to have a life expectancy as much as 10 years shorter than that of their parents." Enough said.

Start the self health revolution where you are....start with yourself. Spread it to those in your circle of life. If we all do this, the health of all populations will begin to improve.

I strongly endorse this book as a must-read for all who want to improve OUR HEALTH!

Start reading The Self Health Revolution today!

Mark Dilworth, BA, PES
My Fitness Hut


  1. This book definitely sounds interesting and like it can be helpful. I have just now started my workout regiment to get back in shape and my trainer suggested I look into different fat burner supplements to help with the stubborn fat. So I have been online looking at different kinds and also reading articles on how to lose weight. Thank you for sharing and helping!


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