Toxicity and Acidosis are Serious Problems

by Yuri Elkaim, BPHE, CK, RHN and Amy Coates, BSc., RHN

There are many conditions that are created when the body is in a constant state of acidosis:

• Poor digestion, absorption, and elimination,

• Cardiovascular disease, including cardiovascular plaque and the inability of the blood
to carry oxygen to your cells,

• Diabetes,

• Allergies and skin problems such as eczema, psoriasis, asthma, acne, and dry, oily
and/or itchy skin etc..,

• Kidney problems such as infections and kidney stones,

• Immunodeficiency,

• Free radical damage and cancer,

• Hormonal imbalances,

• Premature aging and death (just look at the complexion of a smoker!),

• Weak and brittle bones, joint pains, sore muscles and lactic acid build-up,

• Chronic fatigue syndrome,

• Chronic yeast infections and fungal overgrowth

Scary, isn’t it?

When you eat a diet that is predominantly packaged and fast foods, you are throwing your body way out of balance. Over toxicity in your body will weaken each and every system in your body, clogging your organs of detoxification and making you feel unwell. When your detoxification organs are clogged, acidity will pool up in the body. How does this happen?

Well, when you eat a poor diet, over the years your body reaches what is know as its “toxic load.” In the beginning stages of toxicity, most of the symptoms will not be visible to the naked eye, so if you have not yet seen any symptoms, it doesn’t mean you don’t have any! Where does all this acid end up?

Your fat cells!

Fat cells are your body’s way of storing excess energy and toxicity. For example, if your diet is very high in sugar, and therefore very high in acid, your body will do whatever it can to pull that acid away from your vital organs and into your fat cells. This is a defense mechanism used by your body to protect its precious organs and delicate tissues.

But storing fat is not the only way that your body deals with excess acid, so if you are thin it doesn’t mean that you are healthy! In fact, it may mean that you are in even more danger because your entire body is in a chronic state of acidosis which means that your body is being destroyed from the inside out!

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