10 Fat Burning Tips for Fall and Holiday Season

Fall Season is a Great Time to Exercise!

If you need to start burning fat and shaping your body, fall season is a good time to start.  Summer schedules can get crazy busy and get off track....The weather is cooler and you've got your schedule set until the end of the year.    

Here are 4 tips to get you rolling:

1. Today is the best day to start exercising, not January 2nd.

2. The holiday season is upon us...if you don't start now, you could be 20-30 pounds heavier by January 2nd!  Then comes the dreaded New Year's resolutions.  Make a fitness commitment now.

3. Get a healthy meal plan you can maintain.  This is critical....changed eating habits lead to fat loss and weight loss success.

4.  Exercise when it is convenient.  Keep your gym bag with you to go to the club, exercise during your kid's soccer practice, walk during work and lunch breaks, workout at home, etc.

Here is a convenient 10-Minute Fat Burning Workout you can do anywhere!  

Women's Fit to Fab Tips
Here are 5 quick and easy tips to get your body in tip-top shape this fall:

1. Don't go overboard on cardio....too much cardio, like 5-6 hours a week, will waste away your muscle mass.  And, if you only do cardio, you will NEVER get lean and toned!

2. Your body is your best exercise equipment.  You can get "lean and mean" (and natural-looking) doing bodyweight exercises.

3. Have upper body flab you want to burn?  First, concentrate on full body strength training to burn total body fat.  Spot training won't work.  But, you can do exercises like chest press on ball, pullups, rows, triceps dips on bars and shoulder presses to burn arm, chest, back and belly fat.

Note:  Although strength training won't increase the size of your breasts, you can firm up your chest area and breasts by burning fat.  Chest press on ball works great for this purpose.

4. Butt, hip and thigh fat a problem?  Try these exercises often:  squats, side lunges, sprint intervals and jumps (like squat jumps, jump rope, speed hops and platform jumps).

5. A quicker way to improve eating habits is to do a pantry makeover.  Throw out the bad stuff and replace it with healthy stuff.

Top Take-Home Body Transformation Tip

You're closer to your fat loss and weight loss goals than you think.....keep working hard or get started!

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