Post-Workout Nutrition Your Body Craves

Eat quality nutrition to fuel your workouts and daily lifestyle activity. What you eat matters big-time.

You have to eat enough of the right foods, all the time, for your body to work properly---whether exercising, working, walking or just plain living. Keeping your body in an anabolic state all the time aids your metabolism, muscle-building, body repair and overall long-term health.

Junk food like chips, pastries, candy, donuts and sodas aren't nutritious and have loads of calories. They also have you wanting to eat more in just a short time. Control your eating with a sound nutrition plan.

Hopefully, your nutrition plan includes protein with every meal. Eating complete proteins from sources like eggs, low-fat diary and fish gives your body a steady stream of protein throughout the day. Research has proven that protein keeps blood sugar levels more steady and helps you feel fuller for a longer period (slower digestion). Protein also keeps the hunger hormone, ghrelin, in check so your hunger doesn't spike so high.

What about eating for your workouts? Do you know what you should eat before and after your workout?

Your body primarily needs carbohydrates and protein (very little fat) in a pre-workout meal of 250-300 calories.   A protein/carbohydrate meal or shake would be needed 30-45 minutes post-workout.  About 30-40 grams of protein is needed after your workout.  This replenishes your glycogen stores, repairs your body and helps it recover for the next workout.

Research and evidence proves that whey is the best protein to take post-workout.  It is absorbed better and faster than other types of protein.  Whey is also primarily made of high quality branched chain amino acids (high biological value) which your body needs to build new muscle mass. 

How much do you eat in total during the day? You cannot eat haphazardly and expect to reach your fat loss and weight loss goals. Research shows that people will underestimate the amount of calories they eat.

According to the True Results Health Honesty Survey, 46 percent of those surveyed are not honest with family members and 32 percent admit to lying to doctors. True Results is a team of leading weight loss experts based in Texas.

"Lying about your health and fitness, if even only a few times per year, can signify a fundamental issue in your ability to achieve your health goals," said Jessica Diaz, nutritionist and exercise physiologist for True Results. "Numerous studies have shown, the key to achieving any health or fitness goal is support from those around you and that cannot happen if you're not honest with yourself or others."

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