4 Weight Loss Strategies with Lean Body Results

You want fat loss with lasting weight loss? You need a program that works over the long term to give you a lean, healthy body. Tired of hearing about the weekly new weight loss programs on infomercials? Want some fat loss and weight loss strategies that will work today, tomorrow and 10 years from now? Read on.......

4 Fat Loss and Weight Loss Strategies to Build Your Lean Body:

1. Shorten your strength training workouts to 40 minutes or less and ramp up the intensity. In other words, work harder for a shorter period of time and you'll get more fat burn and calorie burn during and after your workout.

Do as many compound strength exercises (with weights or bodyweight) standing up as possible. These types of exercises work major muscle groups and many times are full-body strength exercises.

Squats, deadlift, lunges, standing bentover rows, squat-to curl-to press and bench press are great examples. Full-body core exercises like planks and side planks work well also. Spend less time posing on "mirror exercises" like bicep curls, calf raises and tricep extensions.

Here is a good fat-burning workout:

Do each exercise one after the other with 30 seconds rest between exercises. Rest 2-3 minutes between circuits. Do the circuit 4 times.

--Bulgarian Split Squats, 10 repetitions each leg
--Plank, 12 repetitions, 10 second hold
--Pushups on Medicine Ball, 12 repetitions
--Step Ups with Knee Lift (knee high platform), 10 repetitions each leg
--Bentover dumbbell rows, 10 repetitions
--Clock Lunges, 5 repetitions each leg
--Standing dumbbell shoulder press, 10 repetitions
--Repeat circuit 2 more times.

This type of workout will torch body fat.

2. Shorten and intensify your cardio workout! Too many long, slow cardio sessions wastes time and eats away at your muscle mass. Short, intense cardio sessions also burn more fat and calories during and after your workout.

I'm talking about interval cardio sessions that are 20 minutes or less.

Here is an interval cardio session that I often do (or something similar):

--Jump rope, fast, 1 minute
--Walk 1 minute
--Mountain climbers, fast, 30 seconds
--Walk 30 seconds
--Jumping Jacks, fast, 1 minute
--Walk 1 minute
--Run-In-Place, fast, 30 seconds
--Walk 30 seconds
--Bodyweight Jump Squats, fast, 15 seconds
--Walk 1 minute

Repeat this circuit 2 more times.

If you don't like these types of exercises, then pick exercises that you like. I know that jump squats won't work for those with knee or back problems. As long as you change it up and keep it interesting, you will will make progress.

3. Make needed changes to your eating habits and reach your fat loss and weight loss goals faster.

Don't ruin great workouts by eating bad food with a million calories. Its possible to hide those hard-earned muscles with a thick layer(s) of fat. Don't fight against yourself!

We eat "too large" servings of food and that's without even "super-sizing" anything. Keep your daily food journal to track what, how much and why you are eating. This will help you with portion control.

It will be easier to keep your commitment if you plan your meals for the week. And, instead of eating out during the day, pack your food. This will protect you from binge eating and haphazard eating (i.e. grazing).

Here are some common sense do's and don'ts when it comes to eating:

Cut out these type foods: sodas, sugary fruit juice drinks, candy, cookies, donuts, fried meats and fried foods, fast foods, ketchup, mayonnaise

Add these type foods: oatmeal, nuts, low-fat dairy products, low-fat Greek yogurt, fruits, veggies, unsweetened tea, water, lean meats (baked, broiled or grilled), olive oil, cinnamon, mustard.

4. Shorten and intensify your workouts with jump training (plyometrics).

If you're having trouble sculpting your butt, hips and thighs then you need to do more plyometric training.

Plyometric workouts are advanced workouts. You need to perfect jumping and landing techniques or you will injure yourself. And, if you have knee and low back problems, high-speed plyometric training is not for you.

Try this jump training workout (take 30 seconds rest between exercises):

--jump rope, two feet, full speed, 1 minute
--squat jumps, 10, full speed
--lunge jumps, 10, full speed
--depth jumps (off knee-high platform), 10
--tuck jumps, 10, full speed
--jumping jacks, 30 seconds, full speed

Rest 2 minutes between circuits. Repeat the circuit 2 more times--20 minutes total workout time. Take more rest between exercises or circuits if needed.

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