Farmer's Walk Exercise for Strength, Fat Burn and Endurance

Do the farmer's walk exercise to primarily improve core strength, grip strength and burn fat. The exercise can be done to improve maximal strength or to improve endurance strength.

Do the farmer's walk exercise by picking up a dumbbell in each hand. Pick up the dumbbells by deadlifting them (to protect your back) or lifting them from the weight rack. Hold each dumbbell with your arms extended by your sides and walk.

Two Ways to do Farmer's Walk Exercise

1. If you are doing the farmer's walk exercise to improve maximal strength, you will use heavy dumbbells. The combined weight of the dumbbells should be about equal to your body weight. You may have to work your way up to this amount of weight by improving your deadlift, squat and grip strength. Grip strength can be improved by lifting with thick barbells, doing plate pinches or squeezing hand grippers.

Walk about 10-15 yards, stop and set the dumbbells down or let them drop. Rest for 1 minute and walk back. That is 1 repetition. Use good upright posture and look straight ahead while walking. Never lean forward or jut your head forward while walking.

2. If you want to improve endurance strength, do the farmer's walk with lighter dumbbells.  Experiment with the dumbbell weight amount so you are challenged. The distance would be increased to 30-40 yards. To challenge yourself more, do timed farmer's walk intervals.

The intervals would go something like this:

a) Walk with dumbbells for 30 seconds.
b) Walk without dumbbells for 1 minute.
c) Walk with dumbbells for 30 seconds.
d) Do this rotation for 10-15 minutes.

Add the farmer's walk exercise to your routine.

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