Fat Burning Smoothies to Eat Less, Feel Full

Fat burning smoothies are ideal for snacks, meal replacements, pre- and post-workout and any other time.  Its one of the tastiest ways to eat healthy without much prep time.  Anybody can throw stuff in a blender and mix it....the key is to throw the right stuff in your blender to help you burn fat without being hungry.  

How to Use Smoothies for Workouts 

1. Pre-workout nutrition should mainly include carbohydrates and proteins. During intense strength training, your body depends on fuel from glycogen made from the carbohydrates that you eat.  Eating smoothies 1-2 hours before a workout will build up your glycogen stores. When your glycogen stores are low, your performance will suffer.  Remember, muscle mass is your top fat burning tool around the clock.

Research has shown the effectiveness of pre-workout protein drinks (such as whey). Your muscles get 2 times as much benefit from a pre-workout protein drink compared to having just a post-workout protein drink. You can add protein to your smoothie drink.

2. Post-workout nutrition is important to help your body recover from intense exercise. You don't need to eat immediately after your workout but there is a 45-minute window where replenishing your body's fuel (carbs, protein, fats) will optimize your tissue's repair and growth.

The post-exercise meal should consist of carbohydrates, protein and a small amount of healthy fats. A smoothie works because it is quickly digestible. A ratio of 2g carbs/1g protein is what you need.

3. Protein provides the main building blocks for your muscles.  Eating a complete protein source (such as eggs, lean meats, fish, nuts, etc.) with each meal will cover your daily needs and help you stay fuller for longer.

Going too long between meals can cause you to load up on sugary carbohydrates to get quick energy.   This encourages fat storage.  These types of snacks are usually high in calories, not very nutritious and cause rapid ups and downs in blood sugar levels.

You can use fat burning, delicious smoothies to help manage your weight. Many times, you may be looking for healthy snacks or meal replacements to control your calories while maintaining your energy during the day.

Here are 2 smoothie recipes from my book:


--8 ounces carton vanilla low-fat yogurt
--1/2 cups frozen strawberries
--1/4 cups apple juice

--1 frozen banana, chopped

Place all ingredients in a blender, cover and blend until desired consistency. Serves 2. Note: this is a good way to use up bananas that are about to get overripe. Donʹt let them go too far though. While still tasty, cut up and place on wax paper on a flat dish or pan that will fit in your freezer. As soon as they are frozen, dump into a zipper freezer bag. Use for this and other banana smoothies or slushies.


--12 ounces frozen blueberries, unthawed Or 2-1/2 cups fresh
--8 ounces vanilla low fat yogurt
--1/2 cups orange juice
--1/2 cups low-fat milk
--1 teaspoon vanilla extract

Whirl all ingredients together in a blender until smooth. Serve immediately.

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Mark has helped thousands of clients and readers make lifestyle changes that lead to better long-term health, which includes acceptable body fat and ideal body weight.He does not recommend fad diets, quick weight loss gimmicks, starvation diets, weight loss pills, fat burner supplements and the like.