Vemma: Top Superfood Energy Drink

 Vemma is  a great tasting supplement drink that contains antioxidants and 12 full-spectrum vitamins, easily empowering anyone to consume all the necessary daily nutritional ingredients, no matter how hectic their day. One two-ounce bottle of Vemma is equivalent to a grocery cart-full of fresh produce: 3 broccoli stalks (a good source of iron), 2 watermelons (Vitamin B6), 9 avocados (Vitamin E), 5 potatoes (Niacin) and many more.



  • Protect and support a healthy heart*
  • Enhance immune response and support your immune system*
  • Create abundant energy*
  • Fight against free radicals*
  • Promote good vision*
  • Support a normal, healthy intestinal tract*
  • Maintain healthy skin, eyes, teeth, gums and hair*


MangosteenAntioxidants are compounds that inhibit unstable molecules, called free radicals, from damaging our cells. The measurement of an antioxidant's power to neutralize free radicals is referred to as the Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity (ORAC) value. The higher the ORAC value, the stronger the compound's capacity and the greater its ability to prevent free-radical damage at the cellular level. Vemma boasts superior antioxidant protection of over 4,800 ORAC units per serving.† †
† † ORAC value based on an independent lab test conducted in December 2012 (Lot #01N12018)


Yibing Wang, M.D."It's a great honor to provide you with quite possibly the most powerful liquid antioxidant available anywhere. Consuming Vemma daily helps strengthen the body's natural immune defense, maintains vitality and enhances overall quality of life."*Yibing Wang, M.D., Ph.D.
Vemma Chief Scientific Officer

While it is not required, our Vemma formula has been subjected to the highest
standard of clinical research — two independent, double blind, placebo-controlled
studies — in order to demonstrate the benefits it provides
for overall health and wellness.*

Based on the results, Vemma is shown to be highly
bioavailable and provides:
  • Enhanced immunity*
  • Increased vitamins and antioxidants in the blood*
  • Increased overall health status*
  • Lowering of C-reactive protein*
  • Increased ORAC blood levels for 6 hours after intake*

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About Mark

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