5 DANGEROUS Behaviors Slowly Killing You

by Athletic Greens

Over the years of staying current with modern trends in health and nutrition, something continually raises its ugly head…

It keeps popping up in different places, now more than ever.

And considering that nearly 90% of modern diseases have been associated with this, it is not something I want you to overlook in your own path to health and happiness.

What is it?

It’s Chronic Systemic Inflammation (CSI) (not to be confused with the TV show).

And it may be your biggest enemy in achieving your optimal health potential…

However, Inflammation in of itself isn’t a bad thing.

What’s intriguing about the inflammatory response is that it stems from the good intentions your body has in keeping you alive and well.

You can look at it as the strong arm of your Immune System, designed to protect your body by keeping you safe from germs and viruses.

You see, when we experience any sort of pain, illness, or trauma, our cells swell to isolate the source of the outside intruder.

(Outside intruders being dangerous forms of bacteria, toxins, and even viral intruders).

It swells through releasing inflammatory chemicals such as histamine, prostaglandins, and bradykinin, all while attracting white blood cells to swarm in like a swat team and take out foreign intruders that can be potentially deadly.

Our bodies do this so that the foreign substance can't spread to other tissue and make us really sick … or even die.

Your body is pretty amazing, right?

However, inflammation has a much darker side…

A darker side that is affecting the health and lives of millions of unsuspecting people just like yourself…

Inflammation is fine in short amounts to protect our bodies, just like Nature intended.

However, just like most things in nature, the key is in the dosage…

It's when it becomes a constant part of your physiology, when it becomes chronic (especially systemic) is when you en counter serious health problems. You see, you don’t want the inflammatory response in your body to become a Chronic Condition.

Why not?

Because Chronic Systemic Inflammation has been associated with factors leading to life threatening health conditions such as Heart Disease, Arthritis (Sattar et al, 2003), Alzheimer’s Disease (Holmes et al, 2009), and Diabetes (Duncan et al, 2006).

Now this is something that you need to be aware of so you can take proper action to safe guard your health.

And taking proper action starts with asking yourself the questions that lead to the solution.

Now the question you ask yourself right now is “What causes Chronic Inflammation”?

When I started looking into this I couldn’t have been more shocked to find some of the main causes are simply accepted by our modern lifestyles.

I think you’ll be just as shocked…

Here are the 5 Dangerous Behaviors Slowly Killing us

1. Overwhelming Stress (or too much Stress Hormone Cortisol)

Our modern society has us running on all cylinders.

This is great for productivity in the short term, but horrible for your health and long-term happiness if you don’t make MORE downtime for yourself.

What’s happening to all of us is that we are slowly chipping away at our health by subjecting ourselves to Chronic Stressors.

This is serious.

Listen, a recent study at Carnegie Mellon University makes a strong connection between Heightened Levels of Cortisol and Chronic Inflammation, implicating its responsibility for autoimmune disorders and cardiovascular disease (Cohen et al, 2012).

Moral of the story? Get more “you time” to properly process stress (more on this below)…

2. Not Enough Quality Sleep

Mate, so many of us are not getting enough quality sleep.

(This is my personal nemesis and something I often struggle with)

Sleep is so darn important…


Sleep is VITAL because it has a restorative effect on our body’s cells and without it you won’t be able to effectively process levels of your Stress Hormone Cortisol (see above)…

Lack of sleep will hold you back from “being the best version of you”…. Holding you back from the potential you know you have inside.

You can get all the other pieces to the health puzzle right, however if you don’t sleep well…

You can eat all the veggies in the world and it will still be near impossible to shed unwanted fat let alone look or feel superhuman.

Sleep is Vital.

3. Poor Nutrition

Sugar, gluten, and processed industrial vegetable oils are just a few of the nasty culprits plaguing the modern western diet.

In addition to keeping you FAT, without energy, and unhappy, these so called “foods” (I think they should just be called poison), are PRO – INFLAMMATORY.

(Pro- Inflammatory simply means they promote the inflammatory pathways of your body… not good if trying to avoid chronic inflammation)

If you’ve got these in your diet, I urge you to take them out.

4. Gut Health Out Of Whack

Many estimates place your Gut Health responsible for 80% of your body’s immunity.

If the integrity of your gut wall is jeopardized, you’re more likely to have an immune response to foreign toxins, poisons, and even fecal matter entering your bloodstream and system via your gut.

Now what does your body do?

The immune system response is Inflammation, and it rapidly becomes both chronic and systemic if your gut health is continually out of whack.

Solution: Kick out foods that damage your gut - Processed Foods (especially sugars) all gluten containing foods, and eat MORE Probiotic Rich foods like fermented Kimchi and Sauerkraut.

Mate, this is nothing to be scared of because knowledge is the first step to taking action and fortifying your health…

Now you do want to improve your health?


And you want to have more energy and feel amazing too?

… Of course… we all do.

I firmly believe that by addressing the root causes of Chronic Inflammation that are affecting some part of your health, you’re increasing your odds of feeling great, looking good naked, and boosting your immunity…

Now what I’m about to share with you touches every single one of the 4 factors above associated with Chronic Systemic Inflammation…

IF you make a valiant effort to even just implement one of these, I know you will begin to see some of the results you desire…

Get More Sleep

It’s that simple.

At a certain time of the day, decide to do what’s best for your body and just go to bed for at least 8 hours. Sleep is a great opportunity for your body to process Cortisol and decrease the effects of Chronic Inflammation.

5. Cut out Processed Foods And Sugars

Now I’m not telling you to just quit cold turkey. No, not at all.

You see, I’m a big believer in starting with small baby steps because small changes lead to big results over the long run.

So start this week by cutting back on processed sugars. Then make a commitment to yourself and your health to eat more delicious healthy whole foods.

More “You Time”

Starting today, take 30 minutes to do nothing but relax. No excuses. Turn off the computer, turn off the cell phone, unplug and relax. Make a ritual of it and it will be easy to prioritize. Your health depends on it. I strongly urge you to just implement 1 of the above lifestyle tricks TODAY to improve your health and happiness.

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