7 SIMPLE Tips to Increase Your Natural Testosterone Levels

by Ben Pakulski

I’m sure you know… hormones make you grow.

They’re also very misunderstood...

A lot of non-bodybuilders will look at a big muscular guy and mutter “steroids” as if there was no hard work or discipline involved.

That’s just ignorant.

On the other hand, some hard-training bodybuilders, frustrated by poor results, will decide steroids are the magic answer to fix plateaus.

And that’s ignorant too.

Here's the deal. Steroids are hormones. And they definitely work.

However, you already have incredible growth potential percolating inside you in the form of your own natural testosterone.

The key word is potential.

You may be stopping your most powerful hormone dead in its tracks long before your testosterone can maximize what you can do naturally.

So, here are 7 simple tips you can use starting today to maximize your testosterone and optimize your chances of building more muscle faster:

Stay lean: The more body fat you carry, the more estrogen you produce. Estrogen has feminizing characteristics in the body, and if you think that sounds like the opposite of testosterone, you’re right.

Train hard: A hard intense weight training workout will cause a huge spike in testosterone levels. Obviously, consistent daily workouts means consistent spikes in muscle building T.

Train short: Hard intense workouts spike T -- long, grueling workouts have the opposite effect. Smart coaches say if your workouts last longer than an hour, you’re making friends not gains. Get in, hit it, get out, and grow.

Eat more fat: Dietary fat, particularly saturated fat, plays a key role in natural T production. For that reason, one of the worst things you can do is eat a very low fat diet.

Rest: Even sleeping 7-8 hours per night versus 5-6 hours can dramatically affect T levels. An early to bed, early to rise lifestyle leads to higher natural T levels.

Take zinc: Zinc is a powerful natural anti-aromatase and assists in hormone production. If you are a male and training hard, you should take zinc (and magnesium).

Eat Low Carb: A low (not zero) carb diet helps keep you more insulin sensitive. Testosterone and insulin sensitivity are closely linked. So, manage carbs and you manage insulin; manage insulin and you can manage T levels.

Testosterone is just one muscle building hormone surging through your veins. There’s others, like Growth Hormone, which you also have some control over.

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