10 Tips to STOP Disappointing Weight Loss Results

Have you been disappointed over and over trying to lose weight for good?  You will need to be smart (i.e., use the RIGHT INFORMATION) and do the hard work necessary to build your lean, healthy body.  It won't happen for you by accident.

Here are 10 articles to help you start building your best lean body:
Shape your lean body and keep it that way with consistent daily habits. The main flaw with quick weight loss programs is that you can't continue those programs for very long. So, you will likely gain the weight back. 
To get the lean body you want and need, you must do regular full body strength training and burn fat on your total body. Just spot training your abs or upper body will not get the job done.
Burn belly fat for your health. Burn belly fat to sculpt your six pack abs and look better naked or in your clothes.  You won't burn belly fat by chance even though you can surely gain it without trying.
An interview with Mike Geary of "The Truth about Six Pack Abs."  He was interviewed by a fitness professional from NYC, Certified Personal Trainer, Geovanni Derice. 
If you want a flatter stomach, strengthen and stabilize your deep core muscles. It is also critical to stabilize deep core muscles to protect yourself against injuries.  It is a mistake to focus on over-training the superficial abdominal muscles like the rectus abdominis (six pack abs). It would be like a thin crust of ice on top of liquid.
Use athletic workouts to help build your six pack abs and even more. Athletic bodyweight workouts will blast fat from your body like never before...just try a workout and see for yourself!
Get your six pack abs on with the ab ball rollout. This exercise might be new to you or you may be afraid to try it....improve your six-pack abs, core strength and balance with the ab ball rollout.
Sculpt those six pack abs sooner by doing the ab ball jackknife exercise. Superset the ab ball jackknife with the ab ball rollout to build your six pack even faster! 
You need to add cross body mountain climbers to your ab exercise routine. This exercise will build strength and help tone your "six pack" and obliques. Cross body mountain climbers also work the calves, quadriceps, glutes, back, chest, triceps and shoulders. You will need high levels of core strength to do this exercise the right way for each set. 
You need to do isometric core exercises to get your six pack abs. This is a surprise to many people. Isometric core exercises build up the deep stabilizing muscles and give tone to your entire core area. Isometric exercises help you build strength and burn fat without moving much.
Burn fat, lose weight and stay healthy!

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