The BEST Cardio Exercise to Burn Butt and Hip Fat

You can use cardio to torch the butt fat and overall body fat----just do the right type and intensity. Top cardio exercises to torch butt, hips and thigh fat are:

1. Sprint Intervals: Sprinting activates and shapes the bulkier, shapely fast-twitch muscle fibers. Just check out the sprinters during the Olympic trials. You may not go to that extreme, but you get the idea. Do your sprints on grass (flat or incline), sand or astroplay turf. Don't run on concrete, asphalt or other hard surface.

Full speed shuttle run intervals, such as cone drills, burn fat and improve your quickness, agility and dynamic balance.

If you play soccer, it is a great change-of-pace exercise activity. Basically, you sprint and jog the whole game.

2. Leg Circuits (also a strength and/or power exercise).

3. Intervals on Stepmill or Stadium Steps

4. Intervals on Treadmill with incline

5. Intervals on Bike (preferably outside)

When you have a choice, choose non-machine cardio. That way, you won't have a machine generating momentum for you. Don't go beyond 30 minutes on a cardio session---20 minutes is better because you can push yourself harder.

Leg circuit cardio is great because you can incorporate exercises like squats, lunges, step ups and jumps. And, to get even more fat burn, do some of these exercises as full speed power exercises.  Make sure you have mastered proper jumping and landing techniques before incorporating power exercises into your cardio routine. Again, all it takes is 20 minutes per session.

Its pretty simple. Just do 2-3 days per week of intense cardio and you will tone and sculpt your butt, hips and thighs!

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