Lose More Weight Faster With Jump Training

Jump training is one of your best ways to help burn fat, lose weight and really shape your body. If your body has the needed strength and stability, jump training will improve your body's composition (more muscle, less fat) by leaps and bounds.  This type of training also takes less time because of intensity.

Here is a good general plyometric workout to improve your body's shape and conditioning.

1. In Place Vertical Jumps, full speed, Double Leg, 3 sets/10, 2 minutes rest between sets

2. Box Jumps (pictured above), full speed, 2 sets/10, 2 minutes rest between sets

3. Jump Rope, full speed, 2 sets/3 minutes each, 2 minutes rest between sets

4. Lateral Cone Hops, full speed, 2 sets/10 each side, 1 minute rest between sets

5. Standing Long Jumps, full speed, 2 sets/10, 2 minutes rest between sets

6. Dumbbell Calf Raises, full speed, 3 sets/25, 2 minutes rest between sets

Do a plyometric workout no more than 2 days a week because of the full speed intensity of this type of workout.

Avoid knee injuries by perfecting jumping and landing techniques before progressing to full speed plyometric workouts.

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