How Speed Walk and Sprint Intervals Burn Major Fat

Sometimes, I will step out of character and only do an interval cardio workout.  I will usually do a strength circuit workout (about 30 minutes) followed by a cardio metabolic finisher exercise, like mountain climbers, for 5 minutes (intervals).

Sprint intervals on grass rocks!

As you know, cardio is not my favorite type of exercise, so I will keep it to a short and fast-paced workout.  This keeps me from becoming bored while getting maximum fat burning benefits.  This also spares my muscle mass.

Note:  Always keep exercise fun.  To me, there's no reason to do exercises you hate.  Pick exercises you like.   I like walking fast and sprinting.  Some of you may hate these forms of exercise.

If you have not been working out much, the progression of cardio exercise should be low-intensity aerobics to moderate/high-intensity aerobics to high-intensity anaerobic exercise (like sprint intervals).

Well, here is my fat-burning interval cardio workout last night on the treadmill (total workout time 40 minutes):

1.  Speed walk intervals
  • Run fast, 1 level incline, 2 minutes, to get my heart rate up
  • Walk slow 2 minutes
  • Walk fast, 15 level incline (maximum), 2 minutes
  • Walk slow, 1 level incline, 1 minute
  • Do this rotation for 20 minutes
Rest 5 minutes

2. Sprint intervals
  • Sprint fast, 1 level incline, 1 minute
  • Walk slow, 1 level incline, 2 minutes
  • Do this rotation for 20 minutes
This does not change my usual way of doing cardio exercise (20 minutes per session):

1. Sprint intervals on grass (1-2 days a week):
  • Sprint 60 yards
  • Walk back to start line
  • Sprint 60 yards
2. Bodyweight cardio (1 day a week):
There you go.....have fun exercising and burning fat this week.

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