10-Day Body Fat Blast: How to Slim Down Faster

Burn more fat and slim down with power exercise workouts and shorten your time working out.  Many of you just need to ramp up your workouts to get past your fat loss plateau.   Do more work in less time and start seeing your body shape up faster.

It is more important to burn body fat and lose inches than it is to lose weight. The goal is to transform your body to lean (to keep lost weight off for good). If you just lose weight without strength training, you will still have high body fat. And, it is highly likely that you will regain this weight and have even more body fat (weight cycling).

Try a power exercise workout 1 time a week to start out and you will burn more fat during and after your workout.  Make your whole workout one power exercise after the other.  The ultimate advanced level workout.  Its definitely not for beginners. And, all it takes is about 30-40 minutes.  You might need 2 days to recover.

Remember that power is the ability to exert maximum muscle force in the shortest amount of time (rate-of-force production). Because power exercises are so intense and done full speed, they are great for burning body fat.

Among other benefits, power exercises recruit more muscle fibers (mainly fast-twitch bulky fibers) more frequently which helps the fat-burning process. Recruiting your fast-twitch muscle fibers during your workouts will give you a more lean, toned looking body.

Here is an effective power workout  (do all exercises at full speed with 30-45 seconds rest between exercises):
  • Warmup - Jump rope, 3 minutes; Jog, 2 minutes
  • Medicine Ball Front Chops - 10 repetitions 
  • Power Step Ups - 10 repetitions each leg
  • Decline Push Ups - 12 repetitions
  • Mountain Climbers - 10 repetitions each leg
  • Inverted Rows - 10 repetitions
  • Lateral Lunge Steps - 10 repetitions each leg
Rest 2-3 minutes between circuits.  Do the circuit 2-3 times depending on how you feel.

There are plenty of other power exercises you could choose. Try it sometime!

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