Top SECRET Equipment to Get a Flat Stomach

According to Men's Health magazine, it takes more than 22,000 crunches to burn a pound of belly fat.

Yes, that’s a picture of ONE pound of fat.

So a quick news flash for you in case you didn’t already know -- you'll never get a flat stomach or six pack abs while crunching away on the ground or using some late night ab gadget.

They won’t do diddly-squat to eliminate belly fat.

Here’s a small sample of what you should do instead of crunches and sit-ups, which can actually cause harm to your back and spine:

Substitute crunches with reverse crunches, plank variations, mountain climbers and stability ball movements like jackknives

Substitute twisting oblique movements with cross-body mountain climbers, renegade rows, hanging side to side leg raises (advanced), and side plank variations

Substitute traditional sit-ups with hanging leg raises, hip ups, and stability ball movements like rollouts, planking, or pikes

Now if you’d like to just skip the headache of learning how to apply the RIGHT ab exercises all the time, I can’t say I blame you.

It requires a lot of time and effort to put together a complete ab routine that effectively hits ALL 4 regions.

Not to mention having access to the right equipment.

However, you can get all the benefits of the ab substitutions above by using this ONE piece of equipment.

When you use this piece of equipment, you’ll be working more muscle, including your core and all four regions of your abs.

…ALL while elevating your heart rate to automatically target and burn more lower belly fat.

So you’re basically killing three birds with ONE stone.

It’s like training with weights, while doing high intensity interval training along with abs and core… all at the same time.

This puts a new stimulus on your system, which recruits up to 600 muscles at once to burn calories at an insane rate during and after the workout.

Discover exactly what this one piece of equipment is, and how you can put it to work on your body at this link:


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