30-Minute Fat-Burning, Metabolism-Boosting Workout

A tough 30-minute, fat-burning, metabolism-boosting workout is a great way to get your day off on the right track. Get your fat-burning enzymes working for you early.....

You should use your body fat percentage to determine whether your body is really changing. If you are burning fat and losing inches, you are on the way to being successful with your weight loss and fat loss program.

You can weigh about the same amount (especially in the short-term) and still be successful. How? Burn body fat. If you weigh about the same but your body fat percentage decreases by 10%, your body is changing to more lean and toned. Soon, you will begin to lose weight and it will stay off. As you build muscle mass and burn fat, your body will shrink and your metabolism will speed up, helping your burn more calories during the day and at rest.

Here is your tough, 30-minute superset strength workout:

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--Step ups, 4 sets/8 reps each leg (knee high platform) superset (followed immediately) with Pullups, 4 sets/8 reps (Rest 1 minute between supersets)

***Superset strength training burns fat better than traditional strength training. When you pair two non-competing exercises, it allows you to do more work because one or more muscle groups can rest while you work other or opposing muscle groups.

--DB Chest Press on Ball, 4 sets/8 reps superset with Bentover DB Rows, 4 sets/8 reps (Rest 1 minute between supersets)

--DB Standing Shoulder Press, 4 sets/10 reps superset with dumbbell front lunges 4 sets/8 reps each leg (Rest 1 minute between supersets)

--Cooldown - 10 Minute walk, moderate pace

This type of workout will burn fat every time. You may need more rest time between supersets. All the major muscle groups are worked and its very intense.

Check your body fat percentage once a week to see if you need to make adjustments.

Quality of movement in doing your strength exercises should come before trying to increase the amount of weight you lift in those exercises. Doing this will avoid injuries due to incorrect execution of an exercise.

Performing a weight (or resistance) exercise incorrectly can cause pain in your joints, back or other unintended areas. For example, the squat or lunge should primarily work and strengthen the glutes,quadriceps and hamstrings. If you feel unusual pain or stress in your back or knees, this could signal injury or incorrect performance of the exercise.

What about the core work you ask? Your core will be challenged big time with this workout. Be sure to keep your torso braced (as if getting ready to take a punch) when you do repetitions.

Full body workouts will always strengthen your core and other "weak links" while training the other parts of your body.

The pullup is not just a back muscle exercise. Pullups work your lats (and other back muscles), core, shoulders, arms, chest, biceps and improve grip strength.

Standing dumbbell shoulder presses are absolutely a great core exercise. You will feel the pressure on your torso. Just make sure to stand upright as you do the repetitions. If you can't stand upright, the dumbbells are too heavy.

If you're trying to build up back muscles and burn back fat, bentover dumbbells rows should be in your routine.

Bentover dumbbell rows allow you to work your lats using heavier weights. Your lower back will be worked more if you row with both arms at the same time. You will also work your obliques in the process.

What about cardio? This type of workout will double as a strength and cardio workout so you maximize your time. Its okay if you want to do a short 10-minute interval cardio session at the end of the strength workout.

The main point? Do your workouts hard. Don't get too caught up in what to do. There are tons of exercises to choose from that will help you work every muscle group during a workout.

Here are some bonus eating tips to keep you on the right track:

  • Drink only water or unsweetened drinks for beverages
  • Severely limit candy, cookies, pastries, junk food and processed foods
  • Eat at least one fruit or vegetable with every meal
  • Eat protein with every meal, such as eggs, fish, nuts or lean chicken/beef/turkey
  • Eat small meals, every 3-4 hours, starting with breakfast

Get busy working hard and smart!

Download your Free Bodyweight 500 Metabolic Fat Burner Workouts and start shaping your body faster!  There are 3 levels:  beginner, intermediate and advanced.  Start at your level.


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