3 SECRETS to Burn Body Fat and Lose Weight

Small or non-existent muscle mass on parts of your body leaves you frustrated as you seek to burn fat and lose weight!

Many times, you are trying to "get into shape" and you just start lifting weights and running. You have no set program to achieve fat loss, weight loss and fitness goals. Well, this often leads to little or no results and a host of injuries.

Look at this client question:

Client Q: Some muscle areas on my body are more developed than others. How can I correct this problem?

Mark's A: You start with a body type due to heredity. Lifestyle choices further shape your body, for better or worse. A fitness assessment is important because the personal trainer identifies your postural weaknesses and muscle imbalances.

The fitness program is then tailored to fit your needs and goals. Without this assessment, you are "shooting in the dark."

Achieving optimal muscular fitness requires flexibility, strength, endurance, power, and speed. These components should be included in your integrated training program.

Because of lifestyle habits, the dominant side of your body develops more than the non-dominant side. And, if certain patterns or muscular actions are performed repeatedly, your muscles develop more in either the front of the body, back of the body, upper body or lower body. As a result, some muscles become tight, lengthened or weak.

An integrated training program focuses on 3-dimensional muscular balance. This will help your overall strength, prevent injuries and enhance everyday living.

Opposing muscle groups should be in balance. For example, the quadriceps group/hamstrings group should be in balance (or the quads should not be significantly stronger than the hamstrings).

Research has proven that inadequate hamstring strength contributes to knee anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injuries.

Here are 3 Tips to Grow Under-Developed Muscles and Burn Fat:

1) Have a postural assessment performed by a fitness professional. This assessment will indicate where your muscles are tight, weak or lengthened.

It will also indicate patterns of postural dysfunction called postural distortion patterns.Distortion patterns occur because the structural integrity of the kinetic chain (human movement system) is compromised due to the misalignment of one or more of its components.

2) Put into practice a comprehensive flexibility routine. Improving your range of motion is important to avoid injuries. Stretching between strength training sets will help you lift more weight on the following set.  This program would include static and dynamic flexibility exercises at a minimum.

3) Weight training should focus on the total body to avoid muscle imbalances. It is a good idea to start with bodyweight exercises so you focus on doing exercises with correct technique. Single arm, single leg and dumbbell exercises are great for correcting muscle imbalances.

Lift weights 3 days a week and rotate heavy and light lifting days.

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