10 Conversations to Have With Your Personal Trainer

Yes, your personal trainer is ready to answer your pressing weight loss transformation questions.  Just ask.....

Here are 10 Conversations to Have With Your Personal Trainer:

Note:  These are general questions. The answers to your SPECIFIC SITUATION will be tailored to you by a trainer.

1. The first conversation to have with your trainer?  

This one is easy.  What is your trainer's personal fitness success story?  If he/she doesn't have a success story, RUN away from that trainer!  Check out my story here.

2. Do you need weight loss supplements?  

You don't need weight loss supplements to burn fat and lose weight!  I wouldn't spend money on weight loss or fat burner supplements. At best, they give you a temporary boost for weight loss.

The FDA recalled 72 weight loss products due to "risky" ingredients."Some of the products claim to be 'natural' or to contain only 'herbal' ingredients, but actually contain potentially harmful ingredients not listed on the product labels or in promotional advertisements," the FDA said. "These products have not been approved by the FDA, are illegal, and may be potentially harmful to unsuspecting consumers."

A combination of strength training, cardio training and healthy, managed nutrition will give you the lean and toned body you want.

3. What about fat loss surgery?  

Some surgeries such as liposuction and mesotherapy may give you some TEMPORARY relief from your subcutaneous (just underneath the skin) body fat. Liposuction is actually meant to remove deep fat tissue (visceral fat) which is a good thing. But, even with surgery, you will need to be consistent with strength training, cardio training and healthy nutrition to give you the lean and toned body you want.

Cosmetic surgery can be helpful in dealing with loose skin caused by major weight loss.

4. Is there specific fat loss exercise?  

Speed up your fat loss results by using more effective training methods.  Its not enough to just exercise every day. You MUST do the right kind of exercise to get the fat-burning results you want.

For example, high intensity circuit weight training and high intensity interval cardio (HIIT) have been proven to be effective for long-term fat loss and weight loss provided you have a good fat loss meal plan.

5. What about fat loss vs. muscle loss?  

You will burn fat while building muscle if you combine strength training, cardio training and healthy, managed nutrition.  No shortcuts!  It will take time to change your body.  Be consistent, day-in and day-out.

Replacing bad foods with healthy foods is critical for your weight loss and fat loss success. Otherwise, you will probably go back to eating those "tasty, fat-filled, calorie-rich foods."Don't ruin great workouts by eating bad food with a million calories! Its possible to hide those hard-earned muscles with thick layers of fat! Don't fight against yourself.

6. Fat loss vs. weight loss?  

Fat loss is more important than weight loss!  If you burn fat and build muscle, you will permanently speed up your metabolism.  This will give you permanent fat loss and weight loss provided you continue with regular exercise and healthy, managed nutrition.

Even those who do quick weight loss programs or fad diets (which I don't recommend) can build on the momentum and start doing things that will lean out their bodies.  Its never too late to build muscle and eat right.What about your weight loss?  Can you sustain it?  Or, will you weigh 40 pounds more in 2 months than you do today?  Sure, you can starve yourself and lose 25 pounds in 2 weeks.  But, when you begin to eat again, you will put the pounds back on.

Those who have succeeded at transforming their bodies from fat to lean have health and fitness practices that they do on most days.  It becomes a sustainable lifestyle.

7. Do I need a specific weight loss/fat loss diet?  

There is no specific weight loss/fat loss diet that you need.  Its critical to master foundational eating habits you can maintain.  A diet high in fruits, vegetables, lean meats, healthy fats, no trans fats, low sugar, no processed foods, etc. will give you the fat loss you want provided you have a regular exercise program and burn more calories than you eat. 

8. How do I burn stubborn belly fat?  

The goal is to burn fat on your total body.  So, you should do full-body strength training.  Your body will know where to burn fat.  If you want to do some extra training for problem areas like lower abdominal fat, that is okay.

9. Am I too old to transform my body?  

You can start burning fat and losing weight at any age!  The strength training and cardio program is tailored to the individual.  Keep your metabolism humming with regular exercise!

10. What about metabolism slowing down with age?

In general, your metabolism slows down at a rate of 5% per decade after age 40 (source: WebMD.com). The easiest way to keep a healthy metabolic rate for life is to engage in consistent strength training and interval cardio.

This way, you will maintain important muscle mass and burn fat.Some factors that affect metabolism include age, heredity, gender and lean muscle mass. Men tend to have faster metabolisms than women. Thyroid problems may also cause your metabolism to slow down.

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