3 Weight Loss Transformation Cardio Exercise Tips

Use your cardio exercise sessions for burning fat and weight loss transformation, while not wasting away your muscle mass. Throw your 60-minute cardio sessions out and replace them with efficient, fat-burning sprint interval cardio workouts.

Build your lean body with less hard work. Be a smart exerciser and you will lean out your body faster.

So, here are 3 Tips to Burn More Fat and Lose Weight with Interval Cardio:

1. Make your warm up count as a significant calorie burner. I can't tell you how many times I have seen people "goofing off" during their warmup before the workout.

One to 2 minutes for a warmup is not enough to get your body ready for the workout and if you only do static stretches for your warmup, that is not enough.

Burn more calories by using a dynamic warmup. It is better to warmup your body with a dynamic exercise such as running or jumping rope to warm your muscles and get the blood flowing. Do your static stretches after the workout to bring your muscles back to normal length.

2. When it comes to burning fat and losing weight, there is a very effective cardio workout that you can do regularly.

Here it is:

Run sprints for 20 minutes. That's it! Running outside is even better because you fight against gravity, ground forces and the elements (usually wind) with no help from a cardio machine. Here is how it works:

Run a sprint for at least 50 yards, walk back and do it again. Do this for 20 minutes. You can probably get in 8-10 sprints. And then you're done!

This workout burns fat and sculpts your body. Its that simple....try it. If it gets too easy, start doing your workout on a hill incline.

3. Good running mechanics will help you do your cardio with better efficiency. If your running mechanics are bad, you make a tough workout even tougher.

Read my post about running mechanics to see a full discussion on the topic.

You are headed for many injuries of the foot, ankle, knee and hip with bad running mechanics.Shin splints is a common running injury caused by over-striding. You are also slowing yourself down (braking) when you land heel-first.

Two of the most common arm position running mistakes are these:

a) You have little or no use of the arm swing while running. You should use your arms to help you run faster. Pumping your arms fast will help you run faster and more efficient. Also, when you get fatigued, a fast arm pump can help propel you to the finish.

b) Your arms are swinging across the body (flailing side to side). If you are running straight ahead, you will definitely be slowed down by swinging your arms across your body (fighting against yourself).

Use the shoulders (and not the elbows) to pump the arms as fast as possible. The hands should be relaxed in unballed fists with the front hand rising up to about nose level and the back hand passing the buttocks. Move each arm as one piece (straight up and down) with the elbow bent at 90 degrees.

Remember these tips the next time you're doing your interval cardio. Check out my free program below!

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