Losing Stubborn Lower Abdominal Fat

Have you done a million ab crunches and you still see no visible signs of progress? Lower ab fat (or spare tire) can be troublesome, especially for men. There are reasons for this.

The numero uno reason is probably nutrition-related. If you are consistently doing ab exercises, then you have layers of fat on top of your ab muscles. If you don't adjust your eating habits, the fat won't go away no matter how many ab exercises you do.

The second reason could be that you are trying "spot reduction." You should train your whole body. Your body knows where to lose the fat. One of the best methods to use is a combination of 30 minutes of intense cardio 2-3 days a week and weight training 3 days a week (this includes core work). Some good lower ab exercises are hanging leg raises, hanging or sitting knee-ups and reverse incline crunches. Here is a cardio workout for the more advanced exercisers:

Total time: 50 minutes, interval cardio (15 minutes, 75-85% intensity), core/ab work (20 minutes), interval cardio (15 minutes, 75%-85% intensity)

Just remember, it does no good to burn 500 calories during a workout and then later consume 1000 calories!

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