Don't Assume "Natural" Supplements Are Safe

Many people take supplements because their diets are lacking certain nutrients or they are trying to reach some exercise goal. When choosing supplements, always look at the active ingredients on the label. Also, some herbal supplements have side effects. So, what's a good plan to follow regarding consumption of supplements?

1) Discuss the supplements with your doctor, especially if you are pregnant or breast-feeding. Don't try to treat serious medical conditions with supplements.

2) Look at the GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe) supplement list published by The U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

Try your best to get the nutrition you need from the food you eat!

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  1. What do you think about fish oil supplements. I know it's best to eat fish, but three times a day?

    I've read some great study says it helps weight loss (especially abdominal obesity).

    What do you think?


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