Avoiding "First Year In College" Weight Gain

Everyone's heard of the "Freshman 15!" Here's the good news: you don't have to add on 15 to 20 pounds your first year in college!

Your life and schedule changes, so you just have to reorganize yourself. It doesn't help that the beginning of school coincides with cooler weather, shorter days and holidays. Its easy to be lazy and just have fun.

Well, go ahead and have fun---just don't forget to eat reasonably right and exercise. It's probably smart to schedule your workout time because your classes and other things are scheduled for you. You won't have as much free time as you once did. Anything unscheduled will probably not get done (that's the way I remember college being!)

Some other things you have to manage are sleep, eating too much fast food (or too many unhealthy eating choices like sugary foods) and parties. Drink plenty of water and eat as many healthy snacks, fruits and vegetables as you can. And don't forget to figure in the calories from alcoholic drinks (they add up fast).

The point is this---have a plan for fitness just like you do for everything else! You're more likely to succeed with a fitness plan----even in college.

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