Recovery From Intense Exercise

A study from Griffith University in Queensland, Australia found that recovery times from intense workouts are the same for old and young athletes. This is true even though muscles weaken with aging because of decreased muscle fibers (the remaining muscle fibers work as well as those for a younger athlete).

The tests were performed using two groups of experienced cyclists racing in 30-minute time trials on three consecutive days. The first group had an average age of 24 while the second group's average age was 45.

Both groups maintained their average power, had the same amount of muscle damage and had the same drop in their maximal heart rate during the third time trial.

Loss of muscle fibers may be part of the reason why older athletes must work harder to stay even with younger athletes.

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  1. At work we have the young, the old and not so beautiful.

    We undergo medical & physical testing every 12 months.

    The physical testing involves several routines. The hardest being the shuttle run. All persons were to do this one until they did a review.

    The review was done after consultation with the medical staff and employees. The main concern was for the persons that came under, "old" and also classed as, "damaged goods" due to age etc. This is were I come in (51).

    The routine was changed so that anyone over 45 did not have to do the shuttle run. However, they did have to undergo an independent ECG stress test, prior to the other routine tests.

    Well, quite a few were concerned, but in the end everyone passed.

    Mind you after the ECG stress test, the shuttle run looks good, as I do not have shonky knees. (touch wood & say three Our Fathers).

    The other main concern was this physical testing has only just been implemented. You have people that have been in this line of work for over 10 years. So they think it is a way of getting rid of the old and not so beautiful. But alas there is no choice.

    My physical exercise, in order to stay in the job, is now:

    1. 3-4 workouts a week on the treadmill. 1 hour long. Speed 10, 12 & 15 k/ph until 1000 cals are gained.

    2. 3-4 workouts a week in the gym. 1 hours long.

    3. Diet - no fat, lean meat, heaps of fish (salmon) & veg.

    4. No grog.

    Pulse range set between 60 & 177. I rarely get to 177 or over. Pulse recovery good. I have been doing this for 4 long years.

    My ECG stress test results were classed as outstanding. My exercise routine was given to the attending doctor.

    Question: Will this kill me? I still have another 10 years to go in the job.

    Peter McCartney


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