Don't Trick Yourself, It's A Treat To Exercise!

The best day to start exercising again is today! Putting it off until tomorrow turns into next week, next month, next year and so on!

A brisk 30 minute cardio session will give you one the "best highs" that there is---the "endorphin high!" Pick an exercise you like and go for it!

In a few weeks, you will become addicted to exercise and the "high" that you get from doing it. When you are fitter and healthier, everything is better for you---you sleep better, eat better, feel better, love better, stress-out less and live better.

I dare you to try cardio exercise and weight lifting for 30 days! You know that I'm right! You don't need a New Year's resolution to start exercising! Check with your doctor and start today!

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  1. Hi,
    I`m going out jogging in half an hour.
    Drizzle and only 5 degrees. I don`t mind though :) Keep up good work here.


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