Have You Hit An Exercise Plateau? Change Your Routine!

Are you frustrated because you've hit a plateau and progress toward your fitness goals have stalled? Relax, because there is a simple solution.

If you started training using a 65%-75% target heart rate zone during your daily 30 minute cardio session, then that is a good start. If this training zone becomes too easy after a few weeks (if you can hold a conversation during the session, it is too easy), then you probably need to increase the training zone to 75%-85%. And, as you might have guessed, even this training zone will need to be changed after a few weeks.

For many, interval training is the answer. Interval training has a high intensity/lower intensity pattern. An example would be a pattern of 1 minutes at 85% and 1 minute at 65%. You would do this pattern for 20 minutes. Interval training has been proven to provide maximum cardio and fat-burning benefits. You could also vary your modes of training such as using the treadmill, illyptical, bike, stair-stepper, etc.

The point is this: change it up (modes and intensity) every 2-4 weeks to prevent your body from adapting to your training methods. So, how can you tell if your fitness level is improving? Take your pulse before and after your workout.

Within 5 minutes of your completed workout, your heart rate should return to its pre-workout heart rate. If it takes longer than 5 minutes, you might need to scale back your workout.

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