Having Too Little Body Fat Can Be Dangerous

Losing body fat, especially abdominal fat, is a good thing. Losing too much body fat is a bad thing! There have been many people who worry so much about weight and body fat that it leads to serious illnesses like anorexia or bulimia. So what is the general standard for body fat? Here it is:

Necessary Body Fat: Women 10-13%, Men 2-5%

Athletes: Women 14-20%, Men 6-13%

Fit: Women 21-24%, Men 14-17%

Acceptable: Women 25-31%, Men 18-25%

Unhealthy: Women 32%+, Men 26%+

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Mark Dilworth is a Lifestyle and Weight Management Specialist and since 2006 he has owned Your Fitness University, Her Fitness Hut, My Fitness Hut, Sports Fitness Hut.

Mark has helped thousands of clients and readers make lifestyle changes that lead to better long-term health, which includes acceptable body fat and ideal body weight.He does not recommend fad diets, quick weight loss gimmicks, starvation diets, weight loss pills, fat burner supplements and the like.

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