Teens Can Get Their "Rears In Gear" With Exercise

It's not complicated for teens to stay active! They just need to be a little creative and be willing to change their routines a little (i.e., give up some video game time). Here's some examples:

1) Find activities you enjoy such as dancing, roller-skating, biking, swimming, jogging, weight lifting, rec sports, etc. DON'T FORGET ACTIVITIES LIKE LASERTAG OR PAINTBALL. If you enjoy the activity, you're more likely to stay with it. YOU NEED 60 MINUTES OF CARDIO ACTIVITY EVERYDAY.

2) Partner up with a friend and challenge one another to exercise and stay fit.

3) Try to walk as much as possible. Walk to the store, shop at the mall, walk to school (if safe and possible), walk to a friend's house, etc.

4) Exercise on the stability ball while watching your favorite television show. You could easily get in 7-10 hours per week of exercise just by using this neat trick.

5) Buy a set of light weight dumbbells and do full-body exercises 3 days a week. They are critical for your bone health, joint health and they help you lose fat-mass weight. DOWNLOAD FITNESS PROGRAMS TO YOUR iPOD OR RENT/BUY FITNESS DVDs TO GUIDE YOU.

See how easy and fun it is to stay fit? Ready, set....go!

Be sure and download your Free Dumbbell and Medicine Ball Metabolic Fat Burner Workouts and start shaping your body faster!

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  1. Good points listed here. Walking to work or school can make a big difference in keeping the weight down. But playing a sport is always best. You don't see too many fat soccer players!


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