Exercise Is A Great Stress-Buster During The Holiday Season

The holiday season has started! It is one of the most joyful, busy, crazy and stressful times of the year! Unfortunately, many people get little or no exercise during the holiday season.

Guess what?! Exercise is just what you need as your stress-buster and feel-good agent! Exercise boosts your metabolism and improves your circulation. When you get your blood moving, it carries oxygen and nutrients to the cells more efficiently, so you feel less sluggish. All you need is 5 days-a-week of 30 minute aerobics to fight stress and help control weight.

Aerobic activity can also produce brain chemicals known as endorphins that boost your mood and give you a sense of control and well-being, which could help ease the anxiety you experience. Some researchers even think endorphins in the bloodstream can stabilize your blood sugar and cut your cravings for sweets.

Help keep your holidays more relaxed and stress-free with exercise!

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