Lose Fat Weight, Not Muscle Weight!

Burning more calories every day will help you reach your fitness goals sooner. Body composition is the key to physical fitness. Stated another way, how much lean muscle mass does your body have in relation to fat mass.

One major fitness goal should always be to decrease fat mass to an acceptable level. Building muscle while simultaneously reducing body fat will insure long-term fitness success. Building muscle mass will also speed up your metabolism and burn more daily calories.

If you lose major poundage without strength training, most of your weight loss will be muscle mass. That is why you see some people who are "skinny-fat" (skinny with high body fat). The goal should be to have a lean and toned body. Therefore, you need to strength train 2-3 times per week.

Here is an example of losing weight the right way:

This person weighed 210 pounds, with 30% body fat
(lean mass = 147 lbs. and fat mass = 63 lbs.)

Exercise program results:

Weight: 195 pounds, 25% body fat
(lean mass = 146 lbs. and fat mass = 49 lbs.)

This person's exercise program was very successful! He lost 15 total pounds with only 1 lost pound of muscle. That means the other 14 pounds lost was fat! He was able to do this because he combined good nutrition with strength training and cardio exercise. Now, muscle up and lose fat weight!

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  1. I just ordered my 2nd gym machine and some steppers and in a few weeks plan on ordering my 1st gym mats. Im like damn workout again and again !!

    Good Workout !


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