Burn Body Fat Based on Your Body Type

When you talk about toning up your body, you need to know your body type. Because of your genetic makeup, you are predisposed to respond to exercise in a particular way.

Among other things, genetics determines your ratio of testosterone to estrogen, types and distribution of muscle fibers, where body fat is stored and body type.

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There are three basic body types. You will fall under one or a combination of these body types.

Mesomorphs - Mesomorphs tend to be muscular with large bones and thick joints. Due to more muscle mass, mesomorphs usually don't have weight problems unless they overeat and undertrain. Weight training may need to be adjusted for this body type.

Endomorphs - Endomorphs are more rounded, voluptuous or sometimes chubby. Their bones and joints are not as large as mesomorphs but larger than ectomorphs. Endomorphs tend to have more body fat and need regular weight and cardio training and good nutrition.

Ectomorphs - Ectomorphs are slim or linear in shape. They often lack muscle tone and sometimes have postural problems of the vertebrae (scoliosis is an example). Therefore, weight training is very important. Ectomorphs often have to eat more just to maintain weight (we all should have that problem)!

Mesomorphs respond to weight training by building muscle mass much faster than ectomorphs, even though they are following identical programs. And endomorphs generally need to lose body fat to see changes in shape as a result of strength training. As you can see, it is critical to have your training program tailored to your individual needs and goals.

You probably know where your body stores the most fat. When you train, don't neglect the other areas of your body. For instance, it is critical to stabilize and strengthen your body's core first. This will aid you when you train other areas of your body.

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  1. Hi, I came over from Iowa Avenue. Great post. I am an 54 year old over weight endomorph. I have signed up to run/walk 10K in a local marathon. I did this mainly to motivate myself. I can do it in two hours now. I want to improve on this time. I am convinced that I need to do some weight training. It doesn't seem to matter how much I walk I am not seeing very much improvement. I am not sure how much weight training I should be doing.

  2. Christine,

    You should do weight training 3 days a week (every other day). Full body circuit weight training works best to burn fat and improve heart health. Circuit training is doing one exercise after the other with no rest between exercises. Do each exercise 8-10 repetitions. Rest 2-3 minutes after completing the circuit and repeat circuit 2-3 more times. Total workout time is 45 minutes to 1 hour.

  3. Fantastic blog!!! I must show my husband. I have carpal tunnel and can't lift much weight and I have bad knees but I do what I can. My husband is REALLY into weight lifting and aerobic exercise.

    JJ :D


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