Article Series--Exercise and Massage Therapy, 1

Massage therapy is not just for athletes! If you are serious about your strength and conditioning program, massage therapy should be a part of your routine. Find a massage therapist suitable for your tastes and needs.

You can perform self massage every day using self myofascial release with foam rolls. You can increase the elasticity in your muscles by improving your flexibility. The foam roller is one of the most effective techniques for releasing tension while improving mobility.

Foam rolling exercises will release and organize your muscles, as well as release and align your skeletal system. Muscle injuries such as strains and tears and broken bones can be avoided with proper flexibility and skeletal alignment. You'll immediately feel the effectiveness of SMFR.

Benefits of massage therapy include improved flexibility, improved circulation, relief of muscle tension and soreness (relaxation) and decreased fatigue/improved recovery. Massage therapy between workouts will definitely shorten your recovery time and improve exercise performance.

If you treat your soft tissues (muscles, skin, tendons, etc.) better, you will find that your workouts will be more efficient. You will also be less susceptible to injuries. A tight, rigid and fatigued body is a precursor to certain injury.

You should not do hard exercise after a massage. Wait until the following day to do cardio and weight lifting sessions. In part 2 of this series, I will discuss some the the massage therapies that are good for serious exercisers.

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