Don't Neglect Your Back Muscles During Workouts

It is safe to say that the weakest link for most people's body is the core. And, it is equally safe to say that one of the top neglected training areas for many people are the back muscles (part of the core). So, it is no surprise that 80%-90% of adults have had or do have back problems (especially low back pain or trauma).

As a personal trainer, my number one objective is NOT TO MAKE YOU LOOK "LEAN AND MEAN!" The top two fitness objectives are to improve your health and help you prevent injuries. As a result of these top two objectives, you will also look and feel your best.

The core is your center of gravity and all movement begins with the core. So, it is critical that you stabilize and strengthen your core. Review my article series about the core. Your back muscles are a critical part of your core.

So, why do so many people not adequately train their back muscles? One reason is that it is more glamourous to max out on the bench press and do other arm exercises to build up your "pipes." This leaves major muscle imbalances between your frontside and backside if you don't train with the same vigor for your back muscles.

When talking about training your back muscles, you can't leave out your spine. You need to warmup and strengthen your spine while training your back muscles.

There are some great exercises to warm up your spine such as:

1) Foam roll your spine lengthwise to decompress it.

2) Perform camel and cat exercises.

3) Do forward-backward and side-to-side pelvic rocks on the ball.

To generally strengthen your back, do these exercises:

1) Side bridges

2) Supine (on your back) bridges

3) Back extensions

4) Opposite arm opposite leg raise

To target specific areas of your back, try these exercises:

1) Seated row or bentover dumbbell row

2) Lat pulldowns

3) One arm bentover dumbbell row

4) Pullups

Work your full body during weight training to keep your muscles balanced.

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