Weight Training Is Critical For Cyclists

Everyone needs some type of full body weight training. Cyclists are not excluded from this principle. Cycling is a great exercise to improve cardiovascular health and it targets many major muscle groups.

But, recent research shows that male cyclists are susceptible to osteopenia (less than normal bone density). Osteopenia can often lead to full blown osteoporosis.

Pam Hinton (coauthor of the study), associate professor of nutritional sciences at the University of Missouri-Columbia stated, “You would think that cyclists are very healthy because they spend all those hours training.

In other aspects they are — cardiovascular health and body composition. But in this one aspect, they’re not doing so well.” Some of those with osteopenia were in their 20s and 30s, “and that was pretty alarming to me,” Hinton says. “I thought I’d just see it in guys who were older and had been riding for years."

"When you’re young, you should be maximizing your bone density,” she says, “and as you get older, exercise slows the rate of loss. So it’s really important no matter where you are in your life to be doing some kind of bone-loading exercise.”

The study tested the bone mineral density of 27 cyclists and 16 runners ages 20 to 59 who had engaged in their sport a minimum of six hours a week for at least two years.

Whole body scans and blood tests showed that 63% of cyclists had osteopenia of the spine or hip, compared with 19% of the runners. Men are less at risk than women for low bone density, but they should still be concerned.

Along with weight training, running and jumping (plyometrics) also helps to keep your bones healthy.

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