What A Personal Trainer Can Do For You

I always watch people workout when I'm in the health clubs. If I see someone doing an exercise incorrectly, I will find a way to appropriately instruct that person. I don't do this for my benefit. I just don't like to see people exercising in a way that will lead to injuries. By the way, the top 2 fitness goals of any exercise program is to improve health and prevent injuries.

Anyway, these same people that I correct will often come back to me at other times with good questions about getting fit. Over time, it becomes clear that these people want to take the next step in getting fit. But, they are having trouble making the monetary investment in themselves. That's right, its not a cost for your health.

It is an investment in your health! There's only one you! Sometimes the person really doesn't have the money for a personal trainer. Many times the person doesn't want to give up something else (like entertainment money) to get something better---improved fitness and health.

What can I do for you?

1. I can help you get fit and healthy. Fortunately, I have been fit all my life mainly due to continual participation in sports. And, playing college football exposed me to professional training on a daily basis. Becoming certified as a trainer has also taught me the science behind fitness.

My clients can have the confidence that I have done (and continue to do) what I am recommending them to do. And, more importantly, I know from personal experience what exercise programs will work.

2. I can give you an emotional lift when you need it. This will only work for you if you make the commitment to a lifetime of fitness. An emotional lift is not food for your excuses not to be dedicated to your fitness program.

3. I will design your exercise program based on your fitness assessment. Two people following the same exercise program will get different results. We are all unique. That's why I can't give specific exercise advice to your general questions. I need to know more about you.

4. I will periodically workout with you (i.e., give you a freebie!) so you can see that I exercise just like you do. There is no excuse for a trainer to be physically unfit!

5. I will do for you what you can't do for yourself--give you expert guidance and feedback when you need it!

Make the investment in yourself to get fit and healthy! If that means hiring a personal trainer, then do it! Afterall, how much are you worth.

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  1. Envisioning a qualified personal trainer as an investment for a better quality of life as well as possibly a longer life is a great strategy.

    Nothing is free and money is a very small price to pay for quality guidance.

    Shoulder Performance & Rehab


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