Avoid Plateaus and Boredom By Varying Workouts

Two of the most common complaints I hear from exercisers is that "I'm bored with my workouts" or "I'm not seeing any results from my workouts." This could be due to a number of factors.

For example, if you are not seeing the fat loss results you want, it could be that you are consuming too many calories (i.e., maintaining a caloric surplus). It doesn't help to burn 500 calories during your workout if you later consume 1000 calories!

If you are getting bored with your workouts, then change it up! Varying your workout routine will also keep your body from adapting to the same old workout. If your body adapts to your workouts, you will not see much progress or you will plateau.

Here's an example: Instead of doing your bench press or shoulder press on a bench, do the exercises on a stability ball. It will force your body to recruit more muscles to balance as you perform the lift.

Here are some other ways to change up your workouts:

Modes – foam rolls, sport beam, Pads, BOSU Ball, Discs

Body Position – prone, supine, side-lying, kneeling, standing, sitting

Extremities – two legs, one leg, two arms, one arm, staggered stance, rotation

Resistance – barbell, dumbbell, machines, medicine balls, tubing

Support – bench, stability ball, balance apparatus

Plane of Motionsagittal, frontal, transverse

Change it up and challenge yourself when you exercise!

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  1. This is good advice for trainees that get bored easily. Varying all these aspects of exercise help not only to alleviate boredom, but also to train each muscle from different angles and postures, thus strengthening stabilizers and avoiding injury from imbalances incurred by training in a single plane of motion.

    Good stuff.

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