Improve Your Balance With Proprioceptively-Enriched Exercises

Have you been losing your balance (falling down, stumbling, etc.) more lately? Or, you say to yourself, "I'm not very coordinated!" It could be that you need to improve your balance by doing more challenging exercises when you workout!

Kinesthetic awareness, or the ability to know where your body parts are in 3-dimensional space, is required for all movement. You can exercise to improve proprioception (joint and limb position sense) without using all of the fancy gadgets on the market today.

Better proprioception brings about better balance and reduced risk of injuries. Balance training also improves your core strength.

Good balance exercises include:

1. One-legged exercises
2. Exercises performed on different surfaces
3. Exercises performed with eyes closed
4. Exercises on BOSU ball
5. Balance board exercises
6. Stability ball exercises

As you get older, balance becomes more of an issue. We've all heard of people breaking bones because of a fall. Start incorporating balance exercises into your workout routine!

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